Thanks to You and You and You and You…

November 25th, 2010

Here in the US, today is a holiday called Thanksgiving. A few years ago my grandmother asked us to start saying out loud what we were thankful for at the dinner table. It’s not as easy a thing as you think. It’s often hard to do without crying.

But I believe that it is very good for us to stop doing and getting and talking and thinking and just take a moment to be thankful. Most importantly, it’s really important to say it *out loud,* where the other person can hear you.

Of course I want to thank you all, the readers of Okazu. You are all interesting people, who make me laugh and often, think. You give me hours of conversation here on the blog and behind the scenes. I love your comments – even when I need to tell you to “stop now,” and I especially love when you talk amongst yourselves in the comments. Without you, the fans, this would be just another manga and anime blog – you make it great. I would love to name you by name, but there are honestly too many of you to do so. If you have ever commented here – I mean you.

I would particularly like to thank Komatsu-san and A-san, for making a dream trip possible for me this year. It was nothing I expected, nothing I wished for, nothing I could have possibly have thought would happen. But you both made it happen and for that, I am eternally thankful. You are both special people who I am immensely thankful to have met.

I would also like to say thanks to my favorite alien Rica, because without her the world would be a much, much less interesting place!

I would like to thank Twitter. Because of Twitter I have become closer not only to so many of you, but so many amazing thinkers, writers, artists, editors…it’s definitely pulled the anime and manga world closer. So close that last night I was discussing Wilhelm Reich’s orgone box with a manga artist I know in Japan. Now *that’s* a small world. ^_^

I want to thank my staff and friends at Yuricon, particularly Sean, Bruce and Serge for being the best lackeys in the world. You can’t buy that kind of dedication, but I will try, with small, meaningless plastic items from Japan. ^_^

Last, I want to thank my wife for…everything.

Thank you all.

I wish you all a happy day, and if you’d like to add in any thanks in the comments, I’d love to hear them!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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13 Responses

  1. kuroshinko says:

    Happy Thankgiving to you, ma’am!

  2. Anonymous says:

    We all love ya.


  3. cityvampire says:

    Thankyou, Erica, for the most informative and fun Yuri rewievs I have ever read. I have found so much good material based on curiosity sparked by your writing.

    – the fangirl, who reads but rarely if ever comments, because is too shy.

  4. Hafl says:

    Thank you for all the great reviews.

  5. Thank you for your posts, and have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  6. Jst says:

    Thank you, Erica, for all of the work you do here on Okazu and beyond to keep us so well informed and by extension entertained. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Katherine says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! ^__^ Thanks for all of the work you’ve done on this blog and expanding the Yuri genre.

  8. Diana says:

    Thanks for all the great reviews, whether I always agree or not they are always informative and I look forward to them every day.

  9. Eric P. says:

    Don’t know what to say off the top of my head, other than thanks for being a unique and entertaining blogger with views that are always interesting to read, keep up the good work! Happy Holidays!

  10. Mara says:

    I am thankful for many things but considering this blog specifically: I would not have bought half as much manga these past few years and thus not have supported the manga market half as much if this blog did not make me aware of so much manga that would otherwise go unnoticed.

    Thus, thank you for finding so much stuff I would have missed otherwise.

  11. LeVar says:

    Thank you for providing this space where people can talk about Yuri, writing, art, and the differences between the good and bad. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Per Ivar says:

    From Norway !
    Thank you, for all the work and great reviews you do .

  13. Ayra says:

    Well, I’m definitively late (plus there’s no Thanksgiving here), but… Here’s a related late thanksgiving wish anyway :)

    A big thank you to both you and the contributers of this superb blog, and all the selfless effort that goes into it!

    And another big thank you to all the artists, animators, actors, translators publishers and everyone else involved in giving great Yuri for the world to enjoy!

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