CANAAN Anime, Disk 2 Blu-Ray (English)

December 9th, 2010

Canaan: Complete Collection [Blu-ray]Liang Qi says it along. She says it repeatedly. But since she’s crazy, we don’t really listen.

It’s all about Love.

Cummings loves Liang Qi who loves Alphard. Alphard loved Siam, to her detriment. Yun Yun loves life. Santana loves Hakko and Hakko loves him. Maria loves Canaan and Canaan loves Maria, both the to the extent that they each are a bit blind about the other.

On Disc 2, we approach a series of climactic moments that fail to actually build to a single climax. Hakko’s tragic story ends in more tragedy, Liang Qi’s story drags on painfully until it ends in pain. Maria, Yun Yun and Canaan escape one horror to walk right into the middle of another.

And, in the middle of that horror and sacrifice, Maria, Yun Yun and Canaan finally come face to face with themselves and don’t shrink away from what they see.

The final battle between Alphard and Canaan is everything a final battle between implacable enemies should be. i.e., on top of a speeding train, crossing a mountain bridge, while a helicopter shoots at them.

Because this is Okazu, and because the first two episodes of Disk 2 establish that Canaan and Maria love (“aishteru”) each other, let’s talk a little about the scene in which Canaan says that Maria is not her “light,” but her “friend.” When I watched this series originally, it seemed awfully like a denial of their feelings. But upon reflection, I have found an interpretation I can live with – Maria had given up the idea of walking by Canaan’s side, but at that moment, Canaan embraces it. Up to that point, her desire was to “protect” Maria. By naming her friend, Canaan has in fact awarded equal status to Maria in her heart.

Mino-san says that, although they can never truly walk side by side, they can be close. It’s true that they can not live side by side in Canaan’s world, nor in Maria’s, but I think it becomes obvious that they are close enough to hold hands across that gap. While not the ending I’d write, it’s good enough for me.

Extras are clean OP/ED and a clip episode, narrated by Mino-san.  Nothing to write home about.

I’ve already touched upon the visuals in my review of Disk 1, but let me reaffirm that this was a really good choice for a BD purchase. The battle scenes make it very worth your while to watch this large.


Art – 8
Story – 8
Characters – 8
Yuri – 5
Service – 4

Overall – 8

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I also feel that the moment when Canaan referred to Maria is not her light, but as her friend, she’s realizing that Maria is more than just an object of comfort to cling to, that she is her own person.

    Oh man, I almost want to buy it now. ;__; But, alas, I’m poor and I have a bunch of other box sets I want to buy first. (El Cazador de la Bruja, Black Lagoon…) So much to buy, so little money.


  2. Shinta says:

    I believe that it isn’t the fact that Canaan suddenly realized that Mara isn’t her “light”, but the way that it came about, ya know? One moment they’re in a friendship/growing relationship that is practically blossoming, and then the next straight out of the blue, they drop each other cold turkey and walk on opposite sides of the street.

    It really could have been done a much more sensible way. Discovering that you are your own person or not, that doesn’t mean that you have to go and drop someone that you feel that you can relate to, nonetheless care about like they were a sack of bricks and walk away with a shrug. It’s like the whole character train fell off the edge of a cliff and exploded into a fire of open-mouthed gaping and “What the hell?!” debris.

    I beautiful story and wonderful anime….<3

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