Yuri Network News – January 8, 2011

January 8th, 2011

Yuri Manga

Today’s top news comes from YNN correspondent Ushio in France. Another French company, Clair de lune, has licensed Sasamekikoto. Publishing will begin in May.

For those of us reading the Japanese-language version, Sasamekikoto, Volume 8 is being released in Japan at the end of February.

The second volume of the new Comic Yuri Hime will be available on January 18, so Ichijinsha is sticking with the same publishing schedule as before the merger.

ALC Publishing has announced that we are finally moving forward with an omnibus version of Rica ‘tte Kanji!? – with our apologies that it’s taken so long. It will include the original chapters of Rica ‘tte Kanji!?, chapters and original stories from Yuri Monogatari, unpublished work by Rica Takashima and some new material. We’re planning a number of different ways to read and purchase the new book, and we don’t have a specific timeline yet (Rica and I are also busy with, y’know, life.,) but I’ll keep you updated, I promise. I think you’ll all be very pleased when we make further announcements.

I’m sorry I missed this previously, but Volume 2 of the Candy Boy manga hit the shelves last month, so if this series is still of interest to you, here’s more of it!

For more Yuri anthology fun, February will provide us with Volume 10 of Tsubomi, which is finally starting to take some shape.

And according to their Twitter Feed, Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari, Volume 3 is experiencing some shortages in book stores. They have a list of places the book is available on their website if you are trying to find them in Japan.

Aw heck, let’s just keep on with the anthology news, shall we? Rakuen Le Paradis , Volume 5 is also coming out at the end of Febrary.


LGBT Anime

The winter event you’ve all be waiting for is now official – Hourou Musuko, aka Wandering Son anime will be running on Crunchyroll. Yay! There is a trailer/intro up aleady for this eagerly awaited tale of tweens exploring gender transitioning.

That’s a wrap for this week.

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5 Responses

  1. darkchibi07 says:

    France!!!!! ;_;

    Granted I heard from other peeps that Sasameki Koto lately is getting a bit draggy.

  2. darkchibi07 – And if they fell in love and it ended, your peeps would be annoyed that it was all over so soon.

  3. darkchibi07 says:

    Ahhh, such is the way for any long romantic series.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, is the market for good Yuri manga so much larger in France than the U.S. that the good series get licensed there? Or are French publishers willing to take more risks?

    Hourou Musuko. I actually never heard about the series until your post about the upcoming anime. I think this will convince me to reactivate my Crunchyroll account.

  5. Dop says:

    First episode of Hourou Musuko was fantastic.

    I mean yes, it starts some way into the manga rather than at the beginning. That’s going to make it an uphill task for people unfamiliar with the manga.

    The ‘Clair de lune’ sequence was wonderful, and has gone straight into my list of ‘memorable anime moments’.

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