Yuri Network News – January 29, 2011

January 29th, 2011

Yuri Anime

Here is a trailer for the Morita-san ha Muguchi (森田さんは無口) OVA that is being bundled with the third manga volume. The OVA looks Yuri-er than the manga, but seems just as fun overall. For an overview of the story, check out my reviews of Volume 1 and Volume 2.

This was unexpected and happy-making – Digimon Tamers has been made available by Toei on Hulu.com. At last, I get to refresh my Ruki/Renamon fixation! Still want it on DVD, though… But for the first time ever, I may well try out Hulu. I’m actually pretty excited about this news. I loved Digimon Tamers. It was an amazingly good series, even aside from Ruki being a big ole babydyke. Oh screw it – squee!


Yuri Manga

The tops stories here were already broken this week, but to recap:

Vertical has announced that they are publishing Princess Knight, Ribon no Kishi (リボンの騎士)apparently under some pressure from the Tezuka folks. Good for them.

And this week saw the release date for the second (middle) Volume of GUNJO. In reply to my congratulations on Twitter, Nakamura-sensei replied that all that was left was the final volume, phew! She promises to keep working hard.

You may remember Gakkou no Sensei, a story about three young teachers and their wacky adventures being pretty bad at their job. Volume 3 is out and the Japanese Yuri lists have upped the Yuri rating. That means fairly little, speaking from my subjective view, but it was a slightly fun manga with some Yuri-ish bits.

And in all honesty, this has to be the seriously weirdest news so far this year – with the popularity of Gantz, and the big global movie release last week, Oku’s first big series is making a comeback. Yes, folks HEN is back in bunko versions, being published by Shueisha. This series is of interest to Yuri fans, BL fans and people who can stand the way Oku draws ears. I reviewed this series ages ago, way back when it was one of the few Yuri series we actually had. Here’s my review  of the Hen anime and manga (from almost *7* years ago! That’s positively stone-age.)


Yuri Drama CD

Man, you can always tell it’s mid-winter, when the Drama CD news comes pouring in….

You may remember that there is a new Hayate x Blade Drama CD –  Hayate x Blade Ultra Drama CD! Ichiban Hoshi! Zekkyoutsumeawase! that was released last month. Well, it was two of three being released in three months. The second of the set,  Hayate x Blade Ultra Drama CD Niban Hoshi! Tokkun Tsumeawase! was released this week. A third CD will be slamming your pocket next month, too. I haven’t gotten to listen to the first one, because the mini-CD that came with the last volume has been *so* insane and funny that I’ve had to listen to it three times so far. Review will happen eventually, when I stop laughing.


That’s a wrap for this week.

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4 Responses

  1. Donald says:

    Why on earth isn’t “Digimon Tamers” on DVD? It’s the “War and Peace” of the fighting animal shows!

    And Reki and Renamon were the coolest.

  2. @Donald – I agree!The first two seasons of Digimon were released on DVD…then the fourth one, and poor Tamers, which was so *amazing* never was. I wailed with frustration as Toei left the best story un-released.

  3. sarcastic_weasel says:

    Wait– a mini CD came with Ultra Jump a few months ago? Or are you talking about the one that came with the most recent volume? I’m confused. Because I didn’t get a CD with my copy of Ultra Jump, just some random Steel Ball Run crap… that’s all I ever get with Ultra Jump. *Sigh*

    All of these Hayate x Blade drama CDs coming out at once, it’s confusing.

  4. @sarcastic_weasel – My mistake – yes, it was the CD that came with the last volume. My apologies for confusing you. I’ll correct that in the text.

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