Yuri Manga: Wildrose Re:Mix disk a and disk b

February 26th, 2011

Yuri Hime Wildrose was a 6-volume anthology of Yuri manga by Ichijinsha, the publishers of Comic Yuri Hime. Those six volumes were extremely variable, and tended to focus more on “Plot, What Plot?”-type stories than those being serialized in the Yuri Hime magazines. Wildrose has been re-launched as Girls Love (and the missing apostrophe has been the subject of many a Japanese Yuri blog post, something I admit I find amusing.) I have reviewed all 6 of the Wildrose volumes:

Volume 1 – Volume 2 – Volume 3 – Volume 4 – Volume 5 – Volume 6

You’ll note that I did not much like them, precisely because they focused on stories where the extremely thin plots were meant only to barely cover the sex scene. It’s not that that kind of story can’t be done well, it was just that mostly, these weren’t. In the end, I gave away the entire set.


The two Wildrose Re:mix disc-a and disc-b volumes are exactly what they sound like – some of the (presumably most popular) stories from the earlier collections, focusing on artists that are working within the pages of Comic Yuri Hime. As with all collections, there is good, bad and ugly, and your opinion might differ strongly from mine, depending on what you like. I did not like most of these stories the first time, and was no more thrilled the second time. However, there were a few from each volume that I found enjoyable enough, even though I’ll admit to finding explicit, bodily fluid-filled sex not all that appealing, really. I guess I’m just a romantic at heart. (I wrote that in hopes of getting you to spit-take. Did it work? ^_^)

If you’re one of the crowd that prefers your Yuri manga to be short, uncomplicated and full of sex, this would be an excellent two-volume collection to purchase. There’s even a few cute stories in it.


Overall – Everything varies widely, let’s be generous and say…6

Probably the most interesting thing about these two volumes was the mystery of who bought them. Some anonymous Okazu Hero sent them to me and did not include a message, or a name. (Anonymous Porn would be the best band name, wouldn’t it?)

26 Feb Note: Mystery solved! Today’s review was sponsored by Okazu Superhero Dan P. Thank you very much Dan, for letting me relive some of the better Wildrose stories.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    does this have any stories from nanzaki iku in it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    now i have to pick this up.
    thats mu favorite artist

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