Hayate x Blade Ultra Drama CD Niban Hoshi! Tokkuntsumeawase!

April 8th, 2011

We’ve arrived at the 2nd of the new Hayate x Blade Drama CDs, Hayate x Blade Ultra Drama CD Niban Hoshi! Tokkuntsumeawase! (はやて×ブレード ウルトラドラマCD にばん星! 特訓つめあわせ!)

Like the first of the series, this second Drama CD contains 4 short, funny, occasionally touching vignettes, following one of three shinyuu pairs at Tenchi.

Tokkun is “special training” and, as the title implies, each scenario is centered around some idiotic thing for which a character needs “special training.”

In the first scenario, Momoka comes across Isuzu practicing jumping over the tobibako, the vaulting horse commonly used in Japanese schools as a part of their physical education curriculum. Isuzu tries to get by on Momoka’s “guts” training, but does way better when Michi comes along and teachers her the right technique.

Michi then wanders over to her own shinyuu, Otoha, who is having a crisis. She is, apparently, an ojou-chan who, despite her promise to learn to cook, has never really bothered. With her parents arrival imminent, Michi tries to coach her into being able to make the world’s best meat and potato dish. Now that Michi has suddenly become awesome, she’s really pulled out the stops. Otoha does managed to cobble something edible together, but her parents change their plans and never get to experience it.

The third scenario will make absolutely no sense if you’re not completely caught up on the manga. After her defeat En-Suu has shifted her focus away from kicking ass to…eating. She obsesses about fish, specifically. In this vignette, En-Suu importunes Meiko to help her get better at Japanese. Mei, annoyed at being interrupted while reading tells En-Suu to go figure it out for herself. Which she does. A teacher asks where her cousin has gone, but Meiko doesn’t, honestly know. After weeks, En-Suu returns suddenly. Apparently while she was out looking for practice, she got a job at a sushi shop and now speaks fluent fish with a thick “old guy shopkeeper” accent. This all has to be heard to be believed. ^_^

The final scenario is a revisit of all of the players in various little dribs and drabs.

Once again, not something you’re gonna grab if you’re not already besotted, but if you are – hurry up and grab it while it’s hot.


Overall – 8

The third of the Ultra Drama CDs is already available and features Sid and Nancy, Hitsugi and Shizuku and Akira and Sae. If you are a Hayate x Blade fan and do not get the third Drama CD, I’m revoking your fan club membership. ^_^

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