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June 16th, 2011

Today there is sad news and there is good news.

On the sad side, industry insider and all-around interesting guy Ed Chavez closed his Mangacast blog. /sad face/ Mangacast was covering the Japanese side of the industry when much of the western press were all but in denial that there was a Japanese industry and only reported what was happening in English. Mangacast also covered things like doujinshi and other sub-manga culture things.

As a result, my manga magazine reviews at MangaCast have been cast aside like an unwanted kitten in a box. (Not really – Ed gave me plenty of warning and I have them all backed up.  I just thought it was a good, forlorn image. ^_^ ) But don’t worry!

The good news is that a hero has fished my reviews out of the water and adopted them! As a result, I will be reposting all my old magazine reviews – and any new ones – as a part of the Manga Bookshelf family alongside many of the fine folks I mentioned in yesterday’s note.

We’re going to start with reposting the old stuff, but now I’m motivated to review the next magazine for you all.

I also really want to thank Sean for offering to host the reviews, as well. The show of support from everyone for reviews I was convinced about 6 people read is gratifying. ^_^

Look for the reviews to go up shortly and new reviews to come soon.

Thanks, Melinda and the whole MangaBookshelf gang!

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