Yuri Manga: Saigo no Seifuku New Edition (新装版 最後の制服), Volume 2

June 20th, 2011

We left Volume 1 of the new edition of Saigo no Seifuku (新装版 最後の制服) with two unresolved relationships.

In Volume 2, the situation instantly becomes more complicated, rather than less, with the addition of…a boy!

Boys are causing no end of trouble in the dorm in fact. Kimiko’s boyfriend dumps her and, upon overhearing him and his friends being unkind about her dorrmmate, Tsumugi punches his lights out.

In the meantime, Aiko is vexed because Fuuko has decided to date some guy for whom she really has no feelings. This prompts a sudden confession from Aiko. Now that Fuuko knows the truth, what will she do?

In the meantime, Asagi is still planning on gaining Beniko’s affection, but completely fails to even gain her attention.

This brings us to the end of Volume 2 of the original 3-book series. For those of you who bought and read the Seven Seas translation, here is what you missed:

Upon graduation, Asagi calls Beniko out during her speech, for never having noticed or cared that she had feelings for her. Beniko is surprised, partly because she really hadn’t noticed or cared and partly because now *everyone* in the school is watching her.

Fuuko finally admits that she loves Aiko too, but they will not be able to be together, as her mother has taken ill and she is transferring schools. They have mere hours together before they must part. But they continue to write one another as time passes. Aiko is struck by momentary doubt about Fuuko’s feelings, but a visit in person from Fuuko sets her straight. They plan, upon graduation to attend the same school and live together.  For them, the book ends with a rose-colored future.

Meanwhile, Anzu does manage to convey her feelings to Tsumugi, although she knows her cause is hopeless. But she knows that Tsumugi loves her cooking, and she decides she’ll continue to work on it, so she can one day make something delicious for the one she loves.

Asagi remains a selfish ass right to the very end. Why Tama doesn’t punch her in the gut, I will never, ever understand.

And, finally, we get the epilogue we hoped we’d get for Beniko and Tsumugi, as they move in together and Beniko *finally* has her way with Tsumugi, once again proving my theory that in Yuri, the butches are the uke and the femmes the seme. It was quite nice to see them both grown up. This was, in fact, the ending I’d hope we’d get…and we got it, so yay us!


Art – 7
Story – 8
Characters – 7
Yuri – 9
Service – 2

Overall – 8

This series may well be the best example of my opinion changing over time. I started off really not enjoying Hakamada Mera’s art and now, as I read the end of this series at last, I find it was no longer a distraction. I was able to simply enjoy the story for what it was – a high school Yuri story with two happily-ever-after endings and a little sex and candy for good measure.

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6 Responses

  1. DezoPenguin says:

    …Now I really wish we’d gotten Vol. 3. I like happy endings. :(

    …and I think you may have “seme” and “uke” backwards? (At least it sounded like it, since Beniko is the femme and your narration suggested she was the dominant one of the pair…though I may just be misunderstanding?)

  2. JRB says:

    “once again proving my theory that in Yuri, the butches are the seme and the femmes the uke”

    I thought your theory was the opposite, that the more traditionally feminine character was the seme-equivalent? Did you perhaps mistype, or did I misunderstand?

  3. @JRB – Totally a mistype on my part! Thanks so much for catching that. ^_^ Beniko is the femme/seme and Tsumugi is the butch/uke.

  4. @DezoPenguin – Yes I did mistype that. I apologize for the confusion and have fixed it.

  5. @DezoPenguin – I probably should note that the epilogue with Beniko and Tsumugi is (I think) new for this edition. If that is true, you would only have seen them go off to college together and no more, had Volume 3 been published by Seven Seas.

  6. Cryssoberyl says:

    Thank you for providing us with some closure on what ultimately happened to the characters. That’s a loose thread that had long been irritating me.

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