Yuri Manga: Sweet Little Devil

July 22nd, 2011

Manga artist Nanzaki Iku developed a fairly significant audience as a creator of doujinshi under the circle name Doropanda TOURS where she became best known for her stories about Shizuru and Natsuki from the Mai Hime/Mai Otome universes. These lovingly, and often explictly, rendered stories added the “after happily every after” chapters that fans craved in which their ShizNat were the item that they always knew they were.

In Sweet Little Devil, Iku takes her character types and crafts some original stories with them. This is her first full collection from Yuri Hime, but not the first time her work has appeared in a Yuri Hime anthology – her stories have been fixtures in all the Wildrose collections.

The first couple, Sayo and Ri-chan are most like ShizNat, but their personalities are not analogous. Ri-chan (the Natuski type) is older and Sayo (Shizuru type) is an admiring underclassman. They’ve been together for some time, so we’re spared the “girl A likes girl B” trope of Story A.

Their arc comes to a climax when, during summer on a night of fireworks, Sayo is forced to out herself and Ritsuko to an old school friend. Luckily, they both feel it was fine, before they have sex.

Have I mentioned the sex? This book is a series of well-endowed characters having sex, with some small plots woven between the sex scenes. Just so you’re not surprised.

The rest of the one-shots are either tiresome or pleasant depending on what you like. For me, the major positive of Iku’s work is that the characters really *like* one another. There’s no doubt that this is love, not just sex. It’s a small point, but an important one for me.


Art – 8
Story – Variable, but all pretty decent, so 8
Characters – Same
Yuri – 9
Service – 8

Overall – 8

If you’re looking for, or don’t mind, explicit stories about women who really like one another, (and one Story A story), I can definitely recommend Sweet Little Devil.

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4 Responses

  1. Mara says:

    “There’s no doubt that this is love, not just sex. It’s a small point, but an important one for me.”

    That’s no small point, these stories would not be half as compelling without that affection being present.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You should note that Nanzaki Iku is, in fact, a lady. Fans who have seen her in person at cons can verify this.

  3. @Anonymous – You are absolutely correct and I have even met her! What a moron I am sometime. Duh.

    When I last was at Comiket, I purchased some doujinshi from her and she was so sweet and pleasant, she gave me pretty much every book “as a gift.”

    AND she shows herself in thw afterword as a woman, so I have no idea why I kept typing “him.”

    Thanks so much for correcting me.

  4. Pocky says:


    I may be someone who enjoys a good erotic tale, but what always warms my heart is when the characters actually have some kind of deep connection (pun intended. . ?).

    I don’t mind some smut here and there, in fact, that’s stuff’s like popcorn for me. . . but I just always feel much more satisfied knowing that the characters are actually in love, and not in it just for a fuck.

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