Sunday Yuri Miscellany

July 24th, 2011

Here’s some items that didn’t make it into yesterday’s news report, but might be of interest to you:

There is one lesbian magazine in Tokyo right now – Tokyo Wrestling. They have a Facebook group and a Twitter account and they are bi-lingual in Japanese and English, so please feel free to talk to them! They’ve also just published a book on Bois in Japan, Tokyo Bois!, something that might interest a lot of our genderqueer readers, among others. It’s in my Cart, for sure. Tokyo Wrestling’s website is in Japanese and English, as I mentioned and they are currently looking for new translators to render some of the Japanese articles into English (and maybe other languages, if you ask.) If you’re looking for some translation experience to put on the resume that isn’t for illicit distribution groups, this is a fantastic alternative and the editor-in-chief, Yuki, would be very appreciative of your assistance.
My column on Manga Bookshelf now has an official name – Magazine no Mori. To celebrate actually coming up with a name that makes sense, I’ve posted a brand new magazine review, this time popular, but second ranker to Jump, Shounen Sunday. Gone are the tortured “eye” metaphors, now we’ll have tortured “forest” metaphors instead!
A week from now, my article on Hooded Utilitarian will post. It’s a refurbished article from 11 years ago. Still valid, though.
And last, but by no means least, we’ve finally announced our Yuricon 2011 Art Contest – Every Day is a Celebration at Yuricon!” winner! Please take a moment to check out all the entries and enjoy the winning submission by Catherine F!
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  1. GregC says:

    My absolute favorite manga SUZUKA, was published in Weekly Shounen Magazine. It therefore suffers from excessive fanservice, but not enough to ruin the story for me. It’s a romance but definitely targeted at the guys. That’s something you don’t see in the west. Outside of webcomics, anyway.

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