Yuri Manga: Tsubomi (つぼみ), Volume 11

August 17th, 2011

It’s been almost three years now, since quarterly Yuri anthology Tsubomi (つぼみ) made its debut. And I find that, as it is just about to complete that third year, that I enjoy reading more of the series than I don’t. Which means that, by my estimation, it has arrived. ^_^ Today we look at Volume 11.

“Hoshikawa Ginza 4-choume” remains good and problematic in equal amounts. Otome has decided to act out in rebellion against Minato’s desire for her to matriculate and has run away. If this series weren’t so decent, I wouldn’t give it another thought, but it is decent, and I want to know what will happen.

Morinaga Milk’s “Himitsu no Recipe” goes nowhere fast (cutely) as the cooking club approaches their summer training camp.

“Hana to Hoshi” continues to be a very real story from a rather silly premise. The love triangle (if it really is a love triangle) may end up bring Hanai and Hoshino closer.

The end of “Renai Manga” is warm, fuzzy and utterly predictable. ^_^

“Candy” was as adorable as a standalone chapter as it was part of a collection.

Nawoko’s “Private Lesson” finally circles back to the first of the two complicated relationships, in which Tamago is as honest as she can be with her tutor.

As always, these are not every story, just a few I enjoyed more than others. The rest are a variety of explorations of “Story A” as so many Tsubomi stories are, and a very bizarre chapter of “Shimaism.”

Volume 11 was not the best of times, it was not the worst of times. In keeping with the every-other issue having higher quality, Volume 11 seems poised for…something great to come in Volume 12.


Overall – 7

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