New York Comic Con Quick Queer Comics To-Do List

September 20th, 2011

If you’re following any comics news anywhere online, you know that New York Comic Con is around the corner. October 14-16, Javits Convention Center, New York)

Here is a short list of things to add to your to-do list if you’re attending:

In the Exhibitor Hall – Prism Comics (Table 1058) and Geeks Out (Table 1165) I’ll be hanging with Prism for a bit, and Rica Takashima is going to be at the Geeks Out table.

Do also drop by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (Table 1158) – consider becoming a member, as they are out there literally defemding people’s right to read whatever they want. I’m also hoping to be there for some time, helping them raise money for the manga border case defense.

On Friday, October 14, Rica Takashima will be on the It Gets Better (with Comics!) panel at 11AM-12PM with Abby Denson, Charles “Zan” Christiansen, Chris Shoemaker, Ivan Velez Jr. and Jackson Martin

I will be on the XX: Queer Women of Comics panel on Friday at 7:45- 8:45 PM with Abby Denson, Jennifer Camper, Joan Hilty, Kris Dresen, and Paige Braddock

There will be also be a screening of the Madoka Magica show by Aniplex. On Saturday, CBLDF will host a panel about Defending Comics.

There’s much more to do there, of course, and many of the folks on these and other panels, so don’t limit yourself to just what’s here. And, if you find yourself at a great LGBTQ panel and want to share, write a report and let us know how it went!

(And I know this is hardly comprehensive, so if you know of something/someone that should be added, tell me in the comments and I’ll add them!)

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  1. Justin says:

    Wait, why are we already starting to plan stuff for (looks at calendar)…oh. Oops. I should…probably start planning too…

    And I think (though I have yet to look at the schedule) I would be interested in going to the Defending Comics Panel. Don’t have it set in stone yet, but I definitely want to hear what they have to say.

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