Win a Revolutionary Girl Utena, Black Rose Saga Box Set!

November 30th, 2011

Thanks to the continuing generosity and support from Nozomi/RightStuf, Yuricon is pleased to offer a chance to win a copy of the  Revolutionary Girl Utena, Black Rose Saga Box Set!

Contest rules are easy.

Please email us with your answer to this questions:

What kind of DVD packaging do you like? If you want premium packaging what do you consider premium & are you willing to pay extra?

This question is a little complex, so think of it this way. Presume you *do* want the anime. What does “premium” mean to you? And if a set is offered with that premium packaging, what are you willing to cough up to get it? Try to be specific. The word “reasonable” isn’t as helpful as “$XX more.”

For instance, if you like thinpaks (single disks in thin jewelcase) then your answer to the second part is N/A, since you don’t want premium packaging.

If you like box sets or limited edition packaging, (like the art box for Mai HiME), tell us if you are willing to go up in price for that packaging.

To be eligible you need to email us at with your answers. The contest will be over when I have completed my review of the Black Rose Saga. You must be over 13 to enter.

I know you folks are smart and can see that these contest questions are obvious Market Research, but I can assure you that RightStuf takes your suggestions very seriously and want to make us happy. I mean, look, we got Rose Seal rings, so QED. ^_^

For the record, my answer is:

I like multi-disk in one regular DVD-sized case sets best. I love the way Media Blasters packaged Otogi Zoshi, for instance. For me, premium packaging is not an important concern, so my price point is N/A. I’m buying the content of an anime, not the wrapper.

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