Yuri Manga: Renai Joshika (レンアイ女子課), Volume 2

December 11th, 2011

joshika2In Volume 1 of Renai Joshika (レンアイ 女子課) we were introduced to Arisu and Saki, two women who work at a bridal services company. Arisu and Saki fall in love, as one of the two major plots in the first volume.

In Volume 2, they are still going out, and things are looking very rosy for them both. Until Saki’s former girlfriend comes back into her life. Kimiko is a manga artist and, so overwhelmed was she by deadlines, she simply stopped communicating. Now that her project is done, she’s ready to pick up where she and Saki left off. Only Saki, after hearing nothing from Kimiko for so long, has moved on.

In the middle of the book, we turn to a side story about two other staff members – Ai and Sae. I really liked Ai, because she was the most genuinely grumpy, ill-tempered character I’d ever read in a manga. But then she falls in love with Hato-chan and got less grumpy and less interesting.

We then turn back to Saki and Arisu. Arisu offers Saki the option of seeing both of them, but Saki decides that the girl who is kind to her is better than the girl who forgets to call her for months at a time and decides that she wants Arisu after all.

The love stories were sweet, but the most interesting thing about the volume in my opinion, is the discussion about same-sex marriages, from the perspective of “How cool, we’d be able to design and sell two wedding dresses!” I thought that a pleasantly commercial perspective, rather than focusing on non-existent rights, let’s just talk money!

As with all of Morishima Akiko-sensei’s work, everyone is utterly adorable, even in their darkest moments. She captures the rosy-cheeked innocence beloved by so many of the Yuri audience right now, but, her characters are definitely adult. As a result, I’m kinda hoping that her work is on the table for an anime next. Yes, not schoolgirls, but look, so cute!


I love the discussion of same-sex marriage, sans political or social ramifications. I like the characters. I’m not personally moved to flights of fancy about weddings or wedding dresses, but I love that the story is out there for people who are.


Art – Cute! 8
Stories- Fun and Cute! 9
Characters – Adult and Cute! 9
Yuri – Sexy and Cute! 10
Service – Cute fanservice only! 2

This is how Yuri advances the cause of same-sex relationships, one hideously adorable chapter after another. Good job, Morishima-sensei!

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  1. Mara says:

    “How cool, we’d be able to design and sell two wedding dresses!”

    Sounds like an idea for a Hidaka & Morishima team up fashion manga.

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