Yuri Manga: Ame-iro Kouchakan Kandan, Volume 2 (あめ色紅茶館歓談)

January 27th, 2012

In Ame-iro Kouchakan Kandan, Volume 2 (あめ色紅茶館歓談) Sarasa and Seriho have been working together for a while now, and have settled into a routine. They kind of know that they really like one another and they are kinda sure the other feels the same way, but neither has actually broached the topic with the other.

When Seriho’s old friend Sumire arrives, this changes. Sumire likes to tease Seriho, and does not like women who are meant to be together to be kept apart by their own obtuseness, so she sets them up on a date. They have a wonderful date. Sarasa has shown up a little early (2 hours or so) and has scoped out the best places to eat and shop. But it’s Seriho that finally does what has never been done – she buys herself a ring and a matching ring for Sarasa and says, “I mean it ‘that way.'” (Sumire-san – good job!)

Having been asked – well as much as one can expect from this delicately-spoken series – Sarasa now has to decide if she will accept that ring. She asks Seriho to sit and be her customer as she prepares tea and scones, and, in as much as she’ll ever come right out and say anything, accepts. They embrace, only to find out that all their customers and friends are watching from the window, and cheering them both on.

Things that are this cute start to hurt.

The chapters of Otome-iro Stay Tuned are collected here, so we can be reminded where we first heard of the St. Lotecia novels.

This volume ends a with Sarasa and Seriho some time in their future, talking about the impermanence of things, and the permanence of their relationship. And, we are told on the final page, that we have a new series in that future to watch for – Ame-iro-Kouchakan Kandan ~ Golden and Silver Tips, which is a damnably clever name; if you’re a tea drinker, you know why.


Art – 8
Story – There still is no “story” per se, but as an evolution of a relationship, it’s great – 8
Characters – 9
Yuri – 9
Service – 2
Fujieda Fan – 9

Overall – 9

I’m sitting here, finishing up a cup of Darjeeling (Twinings, which used to be good, but has now become harsh and cheap and requires both milk and sugar to make it drinkable, bleah,) and thinking how there can never be enough of this series. If we chained Miyabi-sensei to his chair, he could never, ever write enough to satisfy me. This series had a light flavor, cheery body, and a satisfying mellow, ever-so-slightly bitter finish. A good afternoon read, with a good tea, (maybe a Keemun?) that calms and refreshes my spirit. Too bad we finished off the scones the wife made. Oh well, next time I want to revisit the Amber Teahouse, maybe she’ll make me more and I can brew some tea for us. ^_^

The picture above is for the deluxe edition that comes with the Drama CD Blue Christmas and one of the bonus CDs. For the non-deluxe edition, use this link.

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  1. Judy J. says:

    I followed your “advice” and ordered it from Amazon.jp.

    Got the book in the mail last week. Fast and easy if not that cheap.

    I can’t take my eyes off it, it’s so stylish.
    And I like the way you talk about it so much. ^_^

  2. @Judy J – Hahaha. It’s all about saturation. Yes, I think it’s stylish too, and love the lace doily background. It’s so…feminine and tea house-y.

  3. GregC says:

    Interesting. I may have to order up this series.

    Stash tea is my favorite brand at the moment. They make a Green Darjeeing that is so tasty. Even when over-steeped it doesn’t get bitter. Same for their Organic Breakfast.

  4. @GregC – Green Darjeeling sounds either really good or an aberration, I’m not sure. ^_^ I favor Chinese Black teas, but can be moved by a really good Oolong. The finest tea I’ve ever had, honestly is Sapphire Blue Ceylon from Betty’s Tearoom in York, England. It’s magnificent.

  5. Mara says:

    “Twinings, which used to be good, but has now become harsh and cheap…”

    Sorry to go OT but yes they are really just the best of the worst. They have gone so far as to release special editions now. There was a special edition rose flavored tea (was ok) and a limited edition Earl Gray that if you are not careful ends up too strong.

    However you can grab some nice stuff from the Twinings London shop. They try to fit everything they have ever made in there.

  6. @Mara – Best of the worst, exactly so.

    I haven’t been back to the UK for many years and even then, the Twinings shop had gone all touristy and bargain basement.

    I’ll just have to go and get a better Darjeeling. There’s never a bad time to go tea shopping. ^_^

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mmmmmmm, tea.

    Ever tried red tea? Regular rooibos (that’s its Afrikaans name, I’m still looking for its original !Kung name), not the kind with other stuff added like peach (Snapple iced) or oil of bergamot (“Earl of Africa” and why people gotta add oil of bergamot to everything, I’ve even seen Earl Grey ice cream…?)? Good stuff!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t find the original !Kung/Khoi/San name. *Did* find *this*:


    Interesting tea stuff! :)

  9. @Anonymous “red tea” as in what Chinese and Japanese call “black tea” yes. Rooibos isn’t a camellia sinensis, so it’s not technically a tea, it’s a tissane and I am that much of a snob about it yes, I had rooibos once, wasn’t impressed. Also not a dfan of bergamot or any other flavor added to my tea.

    I like my coffee to taste like coffee and tea to taste like tea. ^_^

  10. Anonymous says:

    You don’t like the versions with extras, I do (Earl Grey ice cream is ridiculous, but also tasty. Mmmm, ridiculous), ‘s all good. :) Like, the less actual tea or coffee in my Thai Iced tea or Vietnamese Iced Coffee, the more left over for you. :)

    “I like my coffee to taste like coffee and tea to taste like tea. ^_^”

    Ooh, coffee purism too!

    Did you know Ethiopia has a coffee ceremony like how Japan has a tea ceremony? :)


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