Yuri Manga: Houkago Kanon (放課後カノン) and a Contest!

January 31st, 2012

Houkago Kanon (放課後カノン) is a collection of stories by Mikuni Hachime, drawn in her signature Ribon magazine-gone-bad style. Several of the stories have been captured from the Yuri Hime Wildrose and Girls Love collections in which they ran and I believe at least one from Yuri Hime S, but I could be totally wrong about all but the first.

The stories follow a relatively predictable pattern set up by the opening salvo in “Onshitsu no Majou” in which there is a girl, and another girl, they have sex and then realize they like each other.

Because I like the order to be slightly different, I’m not a huge fan of this format, but it’s Mikuni’s niche and she totally dominates it.


Art – 7
Story – 6
Characters – 5
Yuri – 9
Loser FanPersons – 7

Overall – 5

For service fans, there is groping and underwear and other spicy magazine-type things which also do not interest me, but may perhaps interest you!  Yes, it’s time for another “Get this book out of my house” Contest!

I have a pile of various unsuitable-for-my -onsumption books – and even a few that were quite good, but I don’t want to keep them. Help me get them out of here! If you’ve won an Okazu or Yuricon contest in the last 6 months, please refrain from entering, to make it easier for someone else to win, please, thanks.

I will be sending out however many books I feel like and at roughly a 3:domestic to 1:overseas rate, because overseas shipping is killing me, sorry. Since entering will not be hard, it won’t kill you to enter, anyway. You never know when I’m feeling kind.

Here’s the entering rules:

The name of this book is Afterschool Kanon, where Kanon is the name of a Japanese deity.

Using this same formula, come up with the title and a *one-line* description of a Yuri story. For example, “Bathtime Hecate: Keiko discovers a Greek deity living in the medicine cabinet in her bathroom, how will she keep the goddess of witches from ruining her new life at the sorority house?” Yes, that’s awful. That’s the *point*. Make me groan with awfulness.

You must be 18 or over, because I don’t know what all I have here. Stick your entry in the comments here. If you insist on being Anon, at least add a nickname or something so I can ID you.

Do me a favor, please put your country at the end of the entry, so I know what I’m getting in to and can figure out what to sent where? Thanks!

Good luck!

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27 Responses

  1. Natalie says:

    Here’s my entry:

    Midnight Eros: Shy, lonely Miyu had given up trying to get the attention of the girl of her dreams – until one night she discovered the Greek god of love and passion living under her bed! Can Eros help Miyu finally find love?

    Country is Australia.

  2. Nion says:

    Twilight Ali: Nino has prayed for the goddess of the forest to bless her and protect her innocence during her trek through the Caucasus Mountains, but when the stunning temptress begins seducing her each twilight, how will she–or her innocence–ever make it to the other side?

    My country is technically Georgia, but since I rely on a forwarding service my mailing address is in the USA.

  3. FurrySaint says:

    Museum Hathor!

    While doing some late night cataloging at the museum, Ami discovers that the new statue of the Egyptian goddess Hathor comes alive in the moonlight!

    I’m in the USA.

  4. FurrySaint says:

    Ack! Nevermind! Forgot I won that Sora No Woto boxset last year. >_<

  5. Jenny says:

    Gloaming Eos: When Sakura arrives to take up her new position as activities director at a retirement community, she finds herself surprised by how energetic… and surprisingly beautiful… one of the residents is.


  6. Mari says:

    “Pantyshop Athena!

    Cute, pure-hearted middle schoole/Pantyshop owner Fumi has always devoted her life to helping girls, but when a highschool customer reveals herself to be the Goddess Athena, Fumi is helpless against the deity’s Lusty Sales Challenge: “Sell more pantsu than her, or face off against the Goddess in the Bedroom of Combat!”

    Mari- USA.

  7. apricotsushi says:


    Lovely Ronin – In order to extract revenge from the bandits who slaughtered her family when she was a little girl, Kaoru has spent her life disguised as a male ronin, trying to track them down. But when she saves the young maiden Yuuko from a band of thugs, she inadvertently gains a new admirer who just won’t leave her alone! What’s a lovely ronin to do?

    Sorry, another Australian here. If I won I’d be happy to chip in a couple bucks for shipping; I’d love to get a surprise manga from you ^^

  8. apricotsushi says:

    Hi Erica, I’m throughly embarrassed! I missed the part where we were supposed to come up with a promo for the prompt you gave, rather than a random idea for a story we made up ^^;; please feel free not to post my last comment!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bible Study Mary!!!~ A devout, straight-laced Catholic schoolgirl gets picked by the Mother of God to help her get rid of the whole “immaculate virgin” thing, and no amount of cherry-picking from the bible can justify the way she seems compelled to give Mary the divine assumption she deserves.

    –Arctus, Philippines

  10. Atarun says:

    Disclaimer: what follows is intentionally awful and is not related to my tastes in any way, shape or form. Quite the opposite, actually. Also, it might be disgusting to picture or look up. You are warned.

    Dear Shub-Niggurath: cute, ditzy Hikaru unknowingly enters a hellish high school where all men are cultists and she gets chosen to be sacrificed to tentacle-adorned Cthulhu – her only hope for survival is to surrender to the calling of unpredictable, dark, showy Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, all-powerful goddess of fertility.

    Awfulness sent from France. ;)

  11. Anonymous says:

    “Jenny said…

    “Gloaming Eos: When Sakura arrives to take up her new position as activities director at a retirement community, she finds herself surprised by how energetic… and surprisingly beautiful… one of the residents is.


    Does Jenny win a different prize for coming up with a pitch that’s actually *good* (especially since I get the impression Sakura here would be a full-fledged adult instead of a youngster too)?

  12. @Anonymous – That could be a possibility. ^_^

  13. Steven says:

    A Midsummer Night’s Hera: Tired of Zeus’ infidelity Hera decides to turn the tables by seducing all the women of Athens but soon finds herself unable to stop there and plots to re-make the world as one filled only with women… women completely devoted to Hera.

    Entry from the Eastern United States.

  14. Jenny says:

    Drivetime Epona – Hachiko is a girl who loves the wild ponies which roam the outer islands where she lives, but when a plan to create a causway to link the islands and the mainlands puts the ponies at risk, will she be able to channel Epona and save them?

    (I suck at this… this is the second one I’ve come up with, and the second one I’ve then gone, “Huh, I could actually write that!)

  15. apricotsushi says:

    Ah, looks like I didn’t screw up the first time after all!

    And what good entries! The competition is fierce! ;)

  16. LilyEyes says:

    Windowsill Vulvana: Elansbi joins the goddess of windowsills, Vulvana, on a grand adventure to become intimately acquainted with all the busty women who have ever sat on a windowsill.

    ..I think a little part of me just died XD; Even included an anagram and.. so forth.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “@Anonymous – That could be a possibility. ^_^”


  18. Zack says:

    Maid for Combat!:

    Kiriko’s distant relative has died, bequeathing to her ownership of a training school for bodyguards of the rich and famous posing as Maids. Will she be able to whip these girls into shape in time for the Bodyguard Expo – and more importantly, find love in the process?

    I live in New Jersey, USA.

  19. Ah-ha! I think I finally got one!

    Midnight Nemesis: Everyone at school knows that Hikari and her twin Kurayami hate each other… but when night falls, and their bedroom door closes, their sweaty struggles take on an entirely different character!

  20. Er… make that “Midnight Janus.”

  21. Lexie says:

    Lunchtime Pazuzu:
    Poor Eri has been suffering from a constant cold for the past three years, when out of desperation she prays to whatever Gods are out there to save her. Imagine her surprise when she finds the ancient demon Pazuzu sitting at her kitchen table! He offers to cure her illness on one condition, she has to cook him the world’s greatest Panini.

    Alternatively titled Pazuzu’s Panini

  22. Anonymous says:

    “(I suck at this… this is the second one I’ve come up with, and the second one I’ve then gone, “Huh, I could actually write that!)”

    You could actually write Gloaming Eos? I would like to read it. :)

  23. @Anon I’m in the process of immersion in Project: Jenny Draws! with the idea that I’m going to increase my ability and confidence in drawing, if perhaps not to equal my ability and confidence in drawing, at least to the point where I’ll be able to start a webcomic… though it may be six months or a year before that happens. When it does, “Gloaming Eos” is certainly a contender for what gets done.

    @Erica Thanks for letting me advertise in your comments. ;)

  24. @Jennifer Linsky – My pleasure. I also look forward to seeing the story. ^_^

  25. Jackie says:

    Dunno if you’re still accepting entries, but here goes…

    Hearth’s Hestia: Rika is in love with the nun who serves as dorm mom at her college, but can she convince her to run away from home and break her vow of chastity?


  26. Anonymous says:


    “Let me know what you think?”

    Already? Wow! :D

    “…I reached down and opened the lever holding the hood closed, and opened it. ‘A twelve-cylinder, hydrogen fired Stirling cycle engine,’ I explained.

    “‘That never came out of a kit!’ she protested…”

    Cool, they’re both techies :) and neither fits techie stereotypes neither. ;)

    “…My father built it for me from a kit, when I was in high school…”

    So Sakura’s an adult instead of still a schoolgirl, great. :)

    “…I shook my head. ‘My father built that from scratch,’ I explained. ‘Took him four years. He saw the gas shortages coming, and bet on hydrogen.’…”

    So this is set in the future! :) How far in the future? I’m wondering if Esther is a Baby Boomer, a Generation Xer, a Millennial, in the generation in bassinets right now, even younger, etc…

    “…I nodded. ‘Yes, Mrs. King. Your new director of nursing, subject to approval.’…”

    Sakura won’t be in a position of authority over Esther either, also good.

    BTW, “Mrs.” King? Is she wearing a wedding ring? I’m guessing that if she’s one of the romantic leads she’s a widow instead of still married.

    In the bad old days some Yuri was tales of what happens before a lesbian marries a man to obey her family and live unhappily after after.

    This premise of yours here has lots of potential, including a tale of what happens *after* a lesbian (not necessarily Esther either, maybe another character at King Hall or an elder friend who lives elsewhere?) marries a man to obey her family and live unhappily ever after. Outliving him would mean having another second chance at romantic love. What’s it like to come out of the closet to any adult son(s) and/or adult daughter(s) you have and admit you never loved their father that way? What’s it like to be on the other end of “The Talk” when your offspring are all grown up and *they’re* worried about *you* playing it safer when you re-enter the dating scenes?

    “…’You obviously value old things, and that’s what King Hall is… a collection of old things.’…”

    I bet some of the other King Hallers would disagree with Esther on some of that one. ;) Wasn’t there a post or comment here a while ago about Story A and retirement homes being like high school all over again?

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