Yuri Manga: Comic Yuri Hime, January 2012

February 6th, 2012

Having concluded Fukami Makoto’s story about girls and guns in the November issue, the January issue begins inauspiciously with looking in a window at girls getting dressed. This will be the new novel carried in Comic Yuri Hime (コミック百合姫) and in a mere blink of an eye, I was already uninterested in it. The author will be Namori, creator of Yuri Yuri, so that seals that deal. It’s pretty much not for me.

The magazine begins with loads of colors pages, this time, asking us to determine which of the 4 Yuri Danshi type we are and suggesting manga based on that. As I am a Yuri Joshi, this pretty much missed the mark entirely for me, but between that, the cover novel and the many pages about Yuru Yuri, it clearly communicated that I am, once again, not their audience. It was with some genuine relief, then, that I found a number of excellent stories within.

Kazuma Kowo’s “Recalculation” is that moment when you realize that what you thought that the other person thought is not true, and they do like you after all. ^_^

I still have no idea where “Rock It Girl” is going, but this chapter was pretty silly, as all the musicians get together and find they haven’t a single artist/song/style in common.

I’m finally getting the feel of “Kimono Nadesico,” and still pretty much think it’s a Noriko x Shimako fanfic in disguise. ^_^

I haven’t had a moment to read either of the short stories. So far none of them have been to my taste, so I haven’t really made the time, to be honest.

“Cirque Arachne” by Saida Nica has begun and I’m already feeling it’s a cross between one of those women-only 70s scifi books, Kaleido Star and something French and/or Dada. Then again, circuses always make me feel that way.

“Fu~Fu” strays back into real territory, for a moment. Kina, terrified at the confession by some strange woman that she’s in love with her, runs back to Su-chan’s arms, only to find that her normally together lover pretty much falls apart at the idea of losing Kina. “For an entire year, I’ve been worried,” Su-chan admits. Any of us who look at our lovers/wives and think they are obviously wonderful and desirable may have felt this, so it was kind of charming to see it verbalized.

Amano Syuninta’s series about college women, (with a name I have yet to transliterate, because I am lazy and think of it as “Amano Syuninta’s series about college women”) is not comfortable.  If find that I cannot empathize with anyone, and keep hoping one of the characters will say something that makes me like her. In any case, Remia is starting to find Fueko’s relationship makes her jealous, and Sachi’s boyfriend is really starting to piss her off.

Morishima Akiko wins the world. I give her the Stargazer Lily Award, for telling the realest tale ever about lesbian relationships. Two women, who have been together for ten years, provide comfort and a positive example to a young woman, but more importantly, are the snuggliest couple I have ever seen in manga, which makes them closest to my life and therefore totally true and real. ^_^

The story of Kuro-sempai and Mayu and their online/real life different relationships continues in Takemiya Jin’s “Ki ni Nachatte Gomen Nasai.” Mayu comes to a conclusion that she’s sure will ruin a friendship, but Kuro seems to be more together than that.

Hime Cafe this time is narrated by editor Nakamura-san and Minamoto Hisanori-sensei (Fu~Fu).

A section on “Yuri anime” is really a section on moe anime with some Yuri in it.

“Love Gene Double XX” uses one of the oldest gambits in the world, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, in order to make both Sakura and Aoi even more aware of their feelings for one another. (Oh, shock, oh horror. Two Adams in love.) Erika-sama is obviously going to try and ruin Aoi’s life now.

And I am done with “Yuri Danshi.” It’s, well, not terribly interesting. At least this chapter it actually had some Yuri in it that wasn’t in Hanadera’s imagination. Perhaps if the Yuri plot deepens and the deranged screaming of the Yuri Fanboys is toned down….

As always, there were other stories, but these felt worth mentioning for one reason or another and the rest didn’t. They may, of course, appeal to you, so please remember to support the artists you like by buying Comic Yuri Hime!


Overall – For Morishima-sensei’s story alone, this volume is a 9.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So I’m not the only one who finds Amano Shuninta’s new series uncomfortable? When I read the second chapter of the series, I was really appalled by how these people can still be called “friends”. Fue’s girlfriend continues to sleep with her friend who sleeps with another friend who seduces the main characer…the character constellation is pretty messed up.

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