For Valentine’s Day…

February 13th, 2012

I was going to write a review, picked up the book and realized I had no clue what happened in it. Woops. Time to re-read. But…since today is the Eve of Valentine’s Day here in the Americas and already Valentine’s Day elsewhere, I thought we could just chat a bit.

What was the most romantic thing you ever got from or for your girl or guy?

I walked into the kitchen to ask my wife what the most romantic thing I’ve ever gotten her, and then said along with her, “Everything you have ever gotten me is romantic.” ^_^

So we thought about it and decided that our 15th anniversary trip on the Orient Express was the most romantic thing we’ve ever gotten each other.

So…what was your most romantic thing ever?

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8 Responses

  1. All of Scott Pilgrim (that was available at the time.) And this was only about a month after we’d started dating.

    Later I found out that he’d crafted a whole list of things he thought I’d like and each item was spot on. :)

  2. @Daniella – Oh, that *is* romantic! He’s a keeper. ^_^

  3. A box of crayons.

    One day, my girl and I were walking, and I said, “Oh, look at that neon-green bug!” and she said, “Nice, but more of a chartreuse, really.” I laughed, and said that I wouldn’t know, as I only had the eight-color box of crayons when I was a kid.

    For my birthday, she gave me the 64-color box. It was romantic because she’d listened to what I said.

  4. @Jennifer_Linsky – How sweet.

    Being listened to is every woman’s idea of romantic, I think.

  5. Elia says:

    Everyone’s had such nice things :D

    My ex-girlfriend is a software engineer, and she made me a simple game with my favourite anime characters etc. Was lovely, must have taken her so long!

    Also, very jealous of the Orient Express trip!

  6. I am going to cheat and report the most romantic thing ever said to me, because… well, it is the most romantic thing I can think of, present or not.

    My boyfriend told me that he wants to be able to welcome me home from deployment. He is a foreigner, so doing so won’t be very easy. But, even if he weren’t, it’d still be the most romantic thing that has ever been said for me. I can’t really properly put into words why… I think its knowing that I’ll be off in this crazy situation, but that I have someone waiting for me at the end of it who loves me.

  7. @Day Without

    I understand that. I was in the Navy, during the time that Lesbians got witch-hunted out. I once came home to my girlfriend waiting on the pier, with the help of a friend. We couldn’t hug and kiss like other people were doing, but it was fabulous just to have her there… so yeah, I understand where you’re coming from, completely.

  8. Anonymous says:

    My very first Yuri Anime DVD “Shoujo sect”
    My girlfriend got it for me sometime ago and at the time i was kind confused and distant because i couldnt deal with my own sexuality as a lesbian, and at the time i didnt even think that its a good gift
    but after watching it and searching for more info about it on the web, i found this blog and whole new world about this kinda cute drawings and etc , maybe it wasnt a romantic gift but for me it was life changing and now i always looking for more manga and animes, i recently finished aoi hana and watched the anime with my girlfriend which made both of cry at the end of episode 7
    i think this is my first post in this blog and just want thank erica
    i read your interview with a website and found out that you work hard to get where you are
    i respect you :-)

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