New Yuri Manga on JManga Platform

February 14th, 2012

JManga is really coming through with their promise to reach out to the Yuri audience. Today there are three new titles available:

GIRL FRIENDS by Morinaga Milk, Volume 2

Love My Life, by Yamaji Ebine

And Morita-san ha Mukuchi, Volume 4

Today is the also last day to try your hand at translation in JManga’s translation contest:

If you’ve ever thought, “I could do that,” give it a try – translator William Flanagan will be the judge and prizes are on the line. ^_^


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4 Responses

  1. BruceMcF says:

    Boy, JManga is being brutal here, I was planning on turning off my account when the monthly rollover was coming up, but it looks like I’ll have to turn off HuluPlus instead.

  2. @Bruce McF – In fact, they are planning on more brutality. From their Facebook page right now:

    “Off to a meeting to discuss making JManga global!! Want to see JManga go worldwide!? Show us your interest! Help us get as many likes from as many countries possible! Spread the word!!!”

  3. BruceMcF says:

    Gosh, that reminds me of when Crunchyroll got the Naruto and Bleach licensed ~ each time they had a “petition” campaign. I assume some of that was social media marketing, but would also not be surprised if some of it was helping the production committee members who wanted it sway the production committee members who were dragging their feet.

    Fingers crossed. And if there is a petition campaign announced, I’m getting some (cheap) champagne on to chill.

    Oh wait, I realize that means I have to go sign onto Facebook. At least signing onto Facebook is free, as long as you don’t count brain cell suicide as a cost.

  4. @Bruce McF – Now, now, not Social Media snobbery allowed here. Facebook is worth exactly as much as your network makes it. My network is full of honestly interesting people, writers and artists and musicians and physicists. It’s not all cat and food pictures (although there is some. I can only hide the cat pictures, not destroy the mindset.)

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