Yuri Network News – February 18, 2012

February 18th, 2012

Yuri Anime

For those of you North Americans who don’t find a dub streamed on Friday nights on Nico Nico Douga convenient, the good news is that Crunchyroll is streaming the Puella Magi Madoka Magica sub, whenever you feel like watching it. It will also be available on Crackle and Hulu.

Queen’s Blade: Rebellion has a streaming video of the new characters and along with Saki: Achiga-hen, will apparently feature none of the characters we already know and want to see finish their stories. Whatever. That’s pretty much how to kill my interest in a series.


Yuri Manga

In case you missed it, JManga has added GIRL FRIENDS Volume 2, Love My Life and Morita-san ha Mukuchi, Volume 4 to their Yuri offerings. POOR POOR LIPS, Volume 2 should be out at the end of this month.


Snatches of Yuri

Itsuka Tenma wo Kiru Majou (いつか天魔を斬る魔女) is a story that binds a witch who kills demons in a compact with a demon in her grade at school. Yuri is said to follow.

Sukimanosukima (スキマノスキマ) looks like more same-old schoolgirl Yuri.

LSD ~ろんぐすろーでぃすたんす~, LSD ~Rungusuru Deistansu~, is also more of the same, and it looks 4-koma-y, into the bargain.

Momo Yuri Forbidden Sisters (桃百合 Forbidden Sister)  is a new porn collection from OKS.

By the creator of Morita-san ha Mukuchi, we have Wakaba-sempai Miman (わかば先輩未満), a 4-koma about an OL (and at least one admirer.)


Other News

For those of you in the NJ/NY area, Rica Takashima will be holding a show at the Ft. Lee Library, in Ft. Lee, NJ for most of the month of March. Click the flyer below for particulars. Rica’s non-manga art always has a performance component, so come and be part of the art!


That wraps it up for this week.

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9 Responses

  1. @Anonymous – No, it is not true. I put a comment there asking that to be changed. I’ll ask them again.

  2. JIN H. says:

    I was wondering if you saw this, I did not see a post:


    I am a ROD fan. For me this is really depressing. I hope this will not be a trend in the industry, redoing female characters so they all have that same ‘look’ or are turned into schoolgirls, etc. More pandering to ‘them’ by the manboys?

  3. @JIN H – I hadn’t seen that, but as not terribly thrilled as I am with the design, I’m not surprised, either. The original clumsy, glasses girl look stems from the same desire to sell to those who buy as this design does. It’s just that you’re used to the previous design, so it seems “right” to you.

    Things change, and entertainment is driven by market forces. When the market likes doughy faced pre-teens, they get that, when they like busty women, they get that. The fact that we’re down to busty, douhy-faced pre-teens is alarming, but unfortunately not all that surprising.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Of course those two Yomikos need different character designs, according to that link they’re two different characters whose names sound the same and are written with different characters. ;)

  5. JIN H. says:

    @Anonymous – I do my best to try to understand Miss Friedman point as I admit to having no knowledge of markets, workings of industry and such things. I ask questions here in hope of learning. ‘My’ point was the ROD titles, not any one single character and not the sudden lack of girls names for characters. Using a hopefully impossible example, if we were to see a Moribito side story in an alternate universe but still called Moribito, and still using many of the same plots, with a girl “whose name sounds like” Balsa “but is written with different characters” so it is not her, filled with ecchi, fan-service and misogyny. Not a good example perhaps, but I try hard to express my point and fear. Maybe you get point now?

  6. @JIN H – I do understand. I was agreeing with you ^_^

  7. Anonymous says:

    “and not the sudden lack of girls names for characters.”

    Don’t waste your time on Y : the Last Man. It’s a Crisis of Infinite Elizabeths.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Things change, and entertainment is driven by market forces. When the market likes doughy faced pre-teens, they get that, when they like busty women, they get that.”

    “as I admit to having no knowledge of markets, workings of industry and such things.”

    I agree with both of you! :)

    Fr’ex, there’s gotta be more than just “pander to the market” at work, since “the market” wants mutually exclusive things at once. “Bonnet fiction” ( http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy-ab&q=%22bonnet+fiction%22 ) is one of the market force trends in the publishing industry right now, and publishers like ALC and Vertical and Viz still release manga stories about Japanese characters instead of prose novels about Amish characters.

    Entertainment is driven by market forces and soemthign else, something in between the market forces and the mangaka. How does a mangaka choose which of the market forces going at the same time to obey? Does self-expression have anything to do with it? Maybe not? I have no knowledge of that either, just guesses.

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