Magic Knight Rayearth Anime Second Season, Disk 3 (English)

April 9th, 2012

For those of you looking at the actual disks of the Second season set of Magic Knight Rayearth, this review is of the Disk labeled 7, as the disk numbering continued from the first season straight through the second.

Finally, at last, I encountered Nova and subsequently stare at many of you now with some concern that you see her as a “Yuri” character, and not just simply as insane. ^_^;;

But first, I should point out that the plot is now so deeply flawed and diluted that it was hard slogging through every episode of this disk, so Nova wasn’t the real problem.

If you recall, the plot as it was set up is that, now Pillar-less, Cephiro is in danger of being invaded by three other countries. Eagle of Autozam is the least annoying and in these episodes he also appears to be dying of tuberculosis so that his story is extra tragic. Hikaru suddenly develops a raging crush on Lantis out of nowhere and Umi is likewise assigned a pairing – we already knew about Fuu and Ferio from the first series. At least that one makes sense. Having given everyone something to lose, everyone loses everything, Hikaru is lost in her own thoughts, assailed by the monothematic Nova, while Umi and Fuu are captured by the other two countries who want Cephiro.

I was not thrilled to my core to learn that there were three more disks of this to wade through before resolution.

Okay, let’s look at Nova for a second. Really? Yuri…?  I don’t see it, sorry. I see someone who was created to be a monomaniac, self-absorbed and obsessive with one goal in mind – to emotionally torture and defeat Hikaru. The fact that she touches her a lot and goes on and on about how “cute” she is reads about as charming as a serial killer.

OTOH, I really like Fuu and Umi in the final episodes here, where split up they are forced to be the actual people they are, rather than Legendary Magic Knights.

So, yeah, just about halfway through this series, the plot becomes messy, but we’re about due for a breakthrough. The Magic Knights will be back in top form in just a bit.


Art – 6
Story – 4
Characters – 6
Yuri – 3, if that’s what you call it
LoserFanBoy – 3

Overall – 7

I’m okay with Eagle and Geo, if Lantis doesn’t work out. ^_^

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2 Responses

  1. JIN H. says:

    Yes. Even some of what is regarded as a Yuri character is just a typical male or the worst type of male set in a female body. I cant watch it. The same as when they have a Yuri/Lesbian character who commits abusive acts, perversity or common male crimes (male behavior projected onto a female while the male characters are heroic or bland) that is not Yuri, it’s just more typical anti-female man-boy entertainment. Then again how sad is it that many young female Yuri fans consider Maria Holic as real Yuri and even a favorite instead of the Yuri nightmare it really is. I know we’re desperate… but please.

  2. @JIN H – I agree. Stalking or harassment aren’t fun or sexy, whether the character is a lesbian or just some creep.

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