Yuri Network News – April 14, 2012

April 14th, 2012

Yuri Manga

French Publisher Taifu has licensed Morinaga Milk’s Himitsu no Recipe and Kurogane Kenn’s manga Shoujo Sect and Hoshikawa Ginza Yon-choume. Thanks to everyone who wrote us with the news!

JManga launches Morinaga Milk’s Girlfriends, Volume 4Volume 5 with an interview with Morinaga-sensei! They are also running crazy with promotional contests – like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter for a chance to get fun anime goods as prizes. In addition, if you buy Volumes 4 and/or 5, you can get 50% of the cost back, as a rebate.


Yuri Anime

In their Anime Boston panel, Funimation announced that they’ll be simulcasting the Jormungand anime, squee. In their panel, they said that To Aru Kagaku no Railgun is hopefully going to be a 2012 release.

Fate Zero made its debut streaming on Nico Nico Douga last week. Looks like Crunchyroll will get it, and the presumption is that it will be on a week delay.

Crunchyroll will be streaming Queen’s Blade Rebellion, for what it’s worth to you.

Sentai Filmworks announced they have licensed Hidamari Sketch x SP.


Other News

While author, gourmet and gourmand Anthony Bourdain dreams about Jiro dreaming of Sushi,  Maria-sama ga Miteru illustrator Hibiki Reine is drawing Jiro’s (different Jiro) Ramen, as this article on Akibablog shows. (Sachiko likes “dirty ramen,” hunh hunh….)

I did a quick compare and contrast between big and small anime/manga cons for Hooded Utilitarian.

You may have seen this Blood-C short, starring Nene and Nono introducing the movie, but what you can’t have known is that in one of those magic moments of serendipity that fill my life, I met the animator in Tokyo in 2010, as we sat at a large table at that Hanazono shrine, eating oden at the shrine festival. Mino-san you rock!


That wraps it up for this week.

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7 Responses

  1. BruceMcF says:

    Note that anyone who has Girlfriends vol 1 & 2 but not 3, if you have 1,000 JManga points on or before the 18 April, you can buy vol 4, get the rebate, buy vol 5, get the rebate, and then you’ll have points to buy vol 3.

    Or you could do like me, buy Vol3, then Vol4, then buy a $5/500pt top up, then buy Vol5. That leave the 500pts in change&rebates to buy Poor Poor Lips vol3. Woot!

    Also, the new Queens Blade on Crunchyroll is a free to air version, aka censored ~ as normal for their simulcasts ~ which has elicited the predicted protest. One QB fan at the Crunchyroll premium members forum tells us that QB makes baby Jesus cry.

    {I kind of agree, but not in the sense that the QB fan intended.}

  2. Anonymous says:

    Has Shoujo Sect definitely been licensed as well? The link in the article seems to be dead and I can’t get any results from googling.

  3. @Anonymous – I fixed the link. Thank you for pointing it out.

    But, at the risk of being “mean” to you…did you take a second to look at the website at *all*? If you go to the main page of the website, which is easy – you just cut off all of the URL that is not wwww.companyname.com and looked at what you could see, you’d have seen a big button on the left that said “Yuri”. If you clicked that, one of the linked articles on the page would take you to the correct article. It took me less than 10 seconds to find the correct link. Granted, I am a professional user of the web, but honestly, if you had simply tried and looked around the website for even a few seconds, you’d have found the right page. Then you could have written in with the correct link and been a hero, rather than a zero.

    Secondly, “Is it really licensed?” Why would I lie to you? No, I make a point of doing my best to confirm news and post only what I can confirm.

    I’m sorry for being so “mean” but honestly – learn to use the tools you have in front of you – they are amazing tools, and I wish I had had them when I was in school – and your brain, in tandem. It’s a great habit to get into. You’ll thank me later.

  4. Gustavo says:

    Girlfriends is so good. I’m glad I decided to give it a try now, so I can wait until october in peace to buy the print version. lol

    When are we getting new Yuri series on JManga? I already have all volumes, except Love my life that is still region restricted. :(

  5. @Gustavo – Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru will be out this spring.

    Hopefully more will be coming, as will.

  6. BruceMcF says:

    Goodness, if they are using points rebates as a drawcard to attract more subscribers, or attract current subscribers to buy more top-up points, it seems like they’d want more. So fingers crossed they succeed in getting it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of manga in French, anybody know if this OFL manga has any Yuri?


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