Yuri Network News – April 21, 2012

April 21st, 2012

Yuri Manga

 Big news, from Comic High magazine, Morinaga Milk-sensei will be launching a new Yuri manga titled Gakuen Porichi. (学園ポリーチェ) It’s Yuri, it’s School, it’s Police!” says the short write-up on the Comic High website.

The Mawaru Penguindrum Fabulous Anthology (輪るピングドラム ファビュラス・アンソロジー) has pages filled with names you’ve come to know and love, like Morishima Akiko, Sakamoto Mano, Hoshino Lily (the very same Hoshino Lily who did the fabulous still art for the series) and others.

ALC Publishing has just wrapped up the the (grueling!) work of translating, adapting and editing Kimi no Tame nara Shineru – and threw in an essay to provide context for those of you not familiar with Heian Japan, for good measure. I’m going to say something about this series I *never* say about a 4-koma…it’s laugh-out-loud funny. Erin did a stellar translation job and even the letterer is throwing himself into this one with vigor! When it’s released on JManga, I hope you’ll purchase it, because this may well be the most amazing translation job *ever*. ^_^


Yuri Event

Next weekend, April 29, I will be doing the first-ever live online Yuri panel. I’ve done my best to come up with a time that is most accessible globally. Check out the details of the event on Yuricon and send in your questions or come to the event with a question or two. I hope to see you there.


Yuri Games

Michael H wanted to let you all know that Magical Diary, an indie game from Hanako Games, has some Yuri in it! He says “The female protagonist has a grand total of 5 potential love interests in the game and two of those are female. Therefore I think it would be relevant to Yuri fans.  I found the Virginia romance path in particular to be especially interesting.” He also thinks the writing is quite good, especially for an indie game.

YNN Correspondent Mara has been following the progress of the Yaneura no Yuri Rei game and notes that it now has shipped. (He also points out that two of the artists he follows on Deviantart are working on a Yuri webcomic called Picture This.)


 Other News

Maria-sama ga Miteru ~ Farewell Bouquet (マリア様がみてる フェアウェル ブーケ) is now up for pre-order, and will be hitting shelves next week.

Either wall space is at a premium or people are far, far more delusional that we previously presumed, because waterproof Yuru Yuri and K-ON! posters are available in Japan, so you can stick them up in your bathroom.


That wraps it up for this week.

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4 Responses

  1. Angeleen says:

    I just wanted to tell you, and I think most of your blog’s readers feel the same, thank you. Thank you for standing up for the lgbt community by being who you are, but in my case, thank you for reviewing the most Yuri you can. I’m from Belgium, I’m 17, and I always loved mangas but because I ain’t “out and proud”, I started watching Yuri to kinda get away, and your blog is one of the fews still up and always updated and talking about Yuris. So just because everytime I get on this blog, and I see an article about something I just watched, I’m thrilled because I know others enjoy watching it as much, Arigato ! Keep up the good work, haha :)
    (Sorry if I did some mistakes >.<)

  2. @Angeleen – You’re very welcome and thank you for reading Okazu!

  3. Cryssoberyl says:

    Mawaru Penguindrum Fabulous [Yuri] Anthology!?

    I need to know more. So much more…

  4. DezoPenguin says:

    New “Comic High” series by Milk Morinaga + GirlFriends being a consistent top seller for JManga = distinctly possible good news there.

    Thanks also for mentioning Magical Diary. I may have to try out the demo for it; the fact that a Mac version was released by itself is a nice thing, since so many indie games are for Windows machines only.

    (I’d comment on Kimi no Tame ni Shineru, but that was a guaranteed purchase anyway. ^_^ )

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