Yuri Anthology Dolce (百合アンソロジーdolce)

June 26th, 2012

Now that Ichijinsha, Hobunsha and Shinsokan have steady Yuri anthologies with Comic Yuri Hime, Tsubomi and Hirari, Enterbrain has thrown its hat in the ring with Yuri Anthology Dolce (百合アンソロジーdolce), yet another moe Yuri collection.

Because of the preponderance of large heads, giant eyes and infantile stylings, there weren’t too many stories in this collection that appealed to me. The stories are set firmly in middle and high school with nary any respite.

Even so, there were a few stories I can remember off the top of my head – a girl who learns a secret about her recently deceased grandmother, and several with friends who actually feel the same way about each other. Nonetheless, nothing here really made me sit up and take notice. It wasn’t a terrible anthology, it’s just that if you asked me, I’d say we were full up with Story A now and really could use something new, thanks.


Overall – 7

Fans of Yuru Yuri and the like should definitely keep their eyes open for this collection – it’s for you more than it is for me. The cover by Namori-sensei ought to be a dead giveaway. ^_^

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