Yuri Manga: Yume Yori Sutekina (ゆめよりすてきな)

June 27th, 2012

Shimano Yae’s Yume Yori Sutekina (ゆめよりすてきな) is very well named. Although, to some extent, each story is relatively typical, there’s something about the execution and the emotion behind it that is much greater than I could dream of.

“From the freelance writer and the OL to high school girls, there are lots of different kinds of wonderful love stories” is what the obi says and, y’know – that’s exactly what we get in this book.

The OL learns to be a “wife” to her hardworking partner and one high school girl tries to be like the girl she likes, while another learns to say what she thinks when an overseas student pushes the issue between her and an another student. Lastly, a friend makes her friend face up to the true feelings she has for an admired sempai.

I can’t say these are Story A, especially not the first story, in which the couple is already a couple, living together and trying to figure out some of the details of this whole “making a life together” thing.

I enjoyed every single story, even the one where the overseas student was a prat. ^_^


Stories  – 8
Characters – 8
Art – 8
Yuri – 9
Service – 1

Overall – 8

This book was an unexpected pleasure and I hope you’ll all get it, just because.

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  2. @dmunder7 – It would make keeping my webstore and links a nightmare. Feel free to just buy where you need to and don’t worry about me. I appreciate your interest though!

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