Jormungand Manga, Volume 9 (English)

July 20th, 2012

Jormungand, Volume 9 is no more “Yuri” than any of the preceding volumes, but there is something of note for all of us Yuri fans. I’ll get to that in a sec.

First, and way more important, Volume 9 is a more in-depth look at the past and inner life of Wiley, Koko’s demolitions expert. Wiley is ex-military, extremely smart and, like all of Koko’s team, just ever so slightly broken. His past is, for me at least, not nearly as interesting as his present.

Volume 9 ends with Koko contacting Karen, Mildo, Schokolade and Dr. Miami. Koko seems to be planning something far, far larger than just another arms sale…something that will change the game here permanently. Or so it seems, but in reality, it’s probably just the author creating a reason for all the chicks in the series to team up… ^_^ I’m not complaining.

What might make some of our ears prick up is this:  Now that Valmet has finished putting her past behind her, she’s much more open about her desire for Koko (not that she was particularly closeted about it…but now she’s totally overt.) And, for the first time, Koko seems perfectly comfortable throwing some tinder on that fire. It’s not like the two of them will go anywhere, but, I dunno, I kind of like looking at Valment blushing when Koko complements her on something butchy. It warmed the cockles of my heart.

Because this is Jormungand, there’s lots of presentiments of important things afoot without any actual information and some people die. A perfect way to end my week this week. ^_^


Art – 7
Characters – 8
Story – 7
Yuri – 3
Service – 4

Overall – 7

(No, I never did review Volume 8. There really wasn’t even the teeniest grain of Yuri to hold on to in that volume. This time we got groping instead.)

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