Yuri Network News – July 28, 2012

July 28th, 2012

Yuri Manga

JManga has released the second volume of Heian period gag comic Kimino Tamenara Shineru by Kuzushiro. If you buy your copy this week, you’ll be entered in a contest to win a copy of Sei Shonagon’s classic The Pillow Book. I hope you all enjoy this – it was a lot of work, but it came out pretty great. ^_^

The September volume of Comic Yuri Hime (コミック百合姫) and Yuru Yuri (ゆるゆり) Volume 9 just came out this week.

Tsubomi, Volume 19 (つぼみ) is getting an August release.

Aoi Hana, Volume 7 ( 青い花 ) is having a special festival in Kamakura this weekend, in conjunction with the Enoshima Electric Railway. Yuricon staffer and Okazu Superhero Bruce P is there and will report back. ^_^

Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari, Volume 8 (ピュア百合アンソロジー ひらり) sports a cover by Hakamada Mera.

Hachimitsu Darling (蜜味ダーリン) by Haneda Ibuki is a dark horse Yuri story I know pretty much nothing about except that it’s about college age women and looks soap opera-y.

Asagi Ryuu’s  Koi o Hisokani Minoraseru Mono shows that Yuri has not escaped the incredibly long title trend that is currently clogging up Japanese bookshelves. (恋は秘かに実らせるもの).

Also following this trend is Amano Syuninta’s newest soap opera-y series about college age women, Watashi no Sekhai o Kousei Suru Gomi no You na Nanika (私の世界を構成する塵のような何か)

And just in case you were worried that there was a lack of baby-faced school girls for your Yuri reading pleased, here’s Icoru’s Musunde Hiraite (むすんでひらいて).


That’s a wrap for this week!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “has not escaped the incredibly long title trend that is currently clogging up Japanese bookshelves”


    ““I’d say about three years ago I started noticing more words on covers, more buzzwords,” Valentine told me when I dropped by the shop recently. When I ran my flop sweat theory past him, he shook his head. “I think it’s driven by Search – with a capital S – whether it’s Google or Amazon or whatever. A lot of our customers hear about books on NPR, and when they come in the store they can’t always remember the author or the title. The more words a customer might remember, the more keywords we can use to Google it. If a word is rather unique, we’re more likely to find it. With the river of books – with the river of everything – most people want to have more unique words associated with their product.””

    BTW, just found out how scanlations get through Amazon’s ebooks-for-sale filter: everything gets through Amazon’s ebooks-for-sale filter (though some of it gets tossed back out after the fact): http://www.the-digital-reader.com/2012/05/24/amazon-banning-junk-pd-ebooks-from-the-kindle-store-what-again/

    “Like any of the major self-pub platforms (except Smashwords), Amazon has a perennial problem with spam ebooks. Well, it’s not spam so much as its public domain ebooks that were grabbed off Project Gutenberg, content that has been scraped off of websites, as well as computer generated nonsense text. All this stuff can be vomited into the Kindle Store with little effort (it’s one of the downsides of the self-pub revolution).”

    If they let in computer generated nonsense text, no wonder they let in scanlations!

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