Yuri Manga: Hadashi no Chimera (裸足のキメラ)

July 31st, 2012

You know how you read a story by a creator and you think it’s awesome, then you read two more and you notice they seem to have a verbal tic? Well, as I read Ohkita Hiroko’s Hadashi no Chimera, I couldn’t help but notice that pretty much every story has a woman who has been beaten, raped, abused and is covered in bandages and bruises.

So, while individually, I don’t mind her stories, as a collection it seemed that she has some issues she’s working out through her art…and I’m sorry to say that, in this case, it thoroughly creeped me out.


Overall – 5

While individual stories may or may have not been bad, there were just too many women with just too many bandages for me to like this collection.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Either she has some issues?

    Or she’s just doing what her boss at work tells her to, her boss at work is just making the manga the market wants, and the market has some issues?

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