K-ON! Anime Season 2, Disk 3 (English)

September 21st, 2012

If you watch Episode 24 of K-ON!, Season 2 and aren’t just a teeny little sniffly when the Light Music Club sings “Touched by an Angel!” to Azusa, you are no longer a friend of mine.


Overall – 9

Superhero Eric P., who sponsored today’s review is definitely a friend! Thanks Eric, every moment I spend in the company of Houkago Tea Time reminds me of friends like you. ^_^

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  1. Candy says:

    And no matter how many times I hear that song I cry. I cry even right before because I know it’s coming.

    Watching the series reminds me though my high school life at times wasn’t that great I did have a good group of friends like them and much like a lot of people said this series *GETS* school girls. A lot of Moe stuff tends to be cute (and yes at times I throw that in for the d’aww factor) but some of it the girls just become a shell of moe. All they’re there for is to be cute.

    K-on on the other hand does it in such a way that I see them as deep characters, sure they may only be worried about the sweets they have with their tea, but there is more to them then that that makes them tick and as the audience (well for me I guess) I see and understand that.

    It’s probably why I went and bought and rebought the stuff on dvd and blu ray (though I need to buy the dvds of the second season still, it’ll have to wait till November). If the movie comes out in the US I’ll be getting that too. It is up there in my list of favorites with Sailor Moon, Trigun, and Scrapped Princess.

    If I’m having a crappy day I put that in and you know what? I’m smiling and crying tears of joy by the end of it. That’s the type of anime I like having in my collection and K-on reminds me of that every time.

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