ALC Publishing announces Tokyo Love ~ Rica ‘tte Kanji!?

October 4th, 2012

Fifteen years ago, Rica Takashima walked into a lesbian bar and set off a chain of events that changed the world. From that fateful meeting came ALC Publishing and the Yuri Manga collection known as Rica ‘tte Kanji!?.

Now, years later, Rica and ALC  Publishing are teaming up again for the definitive Rica collection, Tokyo Love ~ Rica ‘tte Kanji!? Tokyo Love is available in a choice of DRM-free digital formats and is being made available as a free online flipbook (Please tell people you know – especially young people who are looking for positive LGBTQ role models! The online version is rated Older Teen.) In addition, Tokyo Love is available to be shared for personal use or class curriculum. It’s your book – go ahead and share it. ^_^

And from the bottom of our hearts, Rica and everyone at ALC Publishing say thank you for reading Tokyo Love!

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  1. Jst says:

    Wow, what a great price on the Kindle version. I’m glad to put in my money to support this and more eBooks from ALC.

  2. @Jst – Thanks for saying that! We’re keeping the price down on all the digital editions. ^_^

  3. Filo says:

    So, will it be eBook only? Won’t make any complaints, just want to be clear.

  4. @Filo – If you check the links in the article, you’ll see that a print version is listed as “coming”. This is not digital only…it is digital only right now, as we work on the print version from scratch

  5. Ems says:

    I’ve been looking foward to this. :)
    Is there a way you can pre-order a print edition? Or are you waiting closer to the time for pre-orders?

  6. Mara says:

    Bought it but it seems I have messed up somewhere as I can see no way to actually acquire the eBook as the checkout does not lead anywhere. Sent an email to sort this out. So others do not make my mistake what should I have done?

  7. @Mara – Checkout send an email to me, I need to respond to you with the download link. I just woke up, give me a few minutes.

  8. @Ems – Not yet, we’ll be putting the pre-order up when we are closer to getting the print version completed.

  9. Mara says:

    @Erica Friedman
    Yay, all sorted out thank you so very much. Sorry about the last sentence in my previous post I had clearly just woken up too.

  10. @Mara – Hahah, no worries at all. Thanks for pointing that out. Publishing these days, is an endless list of small things that go wrong – often in ways and for reasons that are inexplicable. ^_^

  11. BruceMcF says:

    To read on a Nook tablet, the page is shown as an illustration on a page by itself. Double tap on the page will zoom it up and allow pinch to zoom and pan and scan.

    Also, since its DRM free, there’s no particular need to sideload it. I downloaded it onto my netbook into my Dropbox folder, and exported it from Dropbox into my books folder.

    Sometimes the Nook tablet devices have a problem where epubs that did not come from B&N do not have their covers show up if the book is pinned to a home screen, but the cover to these two show up fine.

  12. @Bruce_McF – Thank you for that – it’s very helpful…and nice to know that Nook plays well with our ePubs, since Apple products have been a big middle finger at us through this entire project. ^_^;;

  13. Jst says:

    As an FYI the Kindle version does not work on the Amazon Cloud reader at this point.

  14. @Jst – Yes, we areaware of this. It has everything to do with companies’ investment in certain technologies and not in others.

    The Kindle version does not work on the CloudReader or the iPad. It does work on Kindle devices and Android tablets.

    The ePub work on Android, Nook and it works on some iPads, but not others…we don’t know why.

    Welcome to digital publishing in 2012. There are no standards and ever hardware company want you to use their product/platform exclusively.

    My suggestion is forsake Kindle and go for the ePub file. It’s better resolution and more portable. There are lots of e-readers that can read it nicely.

  15. Anonymous says:

    That’s really awesome that you guys are offering DRM-Free PDF’s of this title ^.^ I think it’s honestly the way to go, but apparently a lot of companies don’t think so.

    Though I don’t really buy digital manga much and am awaiting the print version, I have some friends who would probably really love this news. Will pass it on ^^

  16. @Hi Anon – Just to be clear we are not offering the book as PDFs, but as ePub or Kindle editions.

  17. Megan says:

    Hi Erica, I don´t have a kindle, is there a pdf version I can purchase to read on my computer?


  18. Anonymous says:

    You can read epub files on your computer if you can install and run the Adobe Digital Editions software: :)

  19. Anonymous says:

    For reading non-DRMed ebooks in many formats (and even for converting them from one format to another!) on a laptop or desktop computer, there’s the open-source Calibre:

  20. Laura Sama says:

    Hello Erica, I hope that you and your wife are doing are doing great. I’m Laura Sama, but probably you don’t remember me. I met you at the Yuricon a few years ago and I am the administrator of COYUHI (COmunidad YUri HIspana/Hispanic Yuri Community).
    I’m writing this message because I’d like to introduce in a proper way Rica ‘tte Kanji to the Spanish speaker community, so I’m wondering if you’d like us to help you with a Spanish translation of this manga. If you’re interested please let me now. Here’s my email just in case if you need it

    Thank you.

    Laura Sama.

  21. Hi Laura Sama, of course I remember you. Email me at Yuricon at google dot com and we can talk about it. ^_^

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