Yuri Manga: Rakuen Le Paradis Manga, Volume 9 (楽園 Le Paradis)

October 18th, 2012

Rakuen Le Paradis (楽園 Le Paradis) continues to be the magazine that scratches my “manga” itch best. Volume 9 continues the trend. From totally typical middle school drama, to adult relationships, and a whole lot in between, this magazine comes closest to hitting all my needs for entertainment.

“14-sai Koi” starts off this volume with an unusual look at a middle-school row between the girls and boys in class and the appallingly adorabale way in which the principal characters make up. If ever there was a story that could make me feel warm and fuzzy about young love…this is it. ^_^

“Collectors” continues to look at the wholly functional relationship of two women who are opposites in almost every way. This story makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about adult love. ^_^

In “Omoi no Kakera” Mayu is struggling with her feelings for Mika, but it’s Saki who wants to know who will hold her when she’s hurting?

“Seijukuki Jinmei Vega” hits what has to be an inevitable crisis, as Vega and Washimine-sempai both deal with what their relationship is, and how it affects Vega’s powers, upon which the whole town relies.

Nishi UKO’s second story, still around the subject of post-coitus smoking, lays a precarious platform for an adult relationship between two women who don’t seem to know what to think about the other…

From middle-school to middle age, Rakuen Le Paradis is the one magazine I can turn to to get “life.”


Overall – 9

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