Typical Okazu Thanksgiving Post

November 22nd, 2012

Over the last few years it has become my custom to write a Thanksgiving Day post here on Okazu. This more important than it might initially appear. Being consciously grateful is a profound skill. It makes us take stock of the gifts we already have and helps us to realize how amazingly blessed we are. It helps provide perspective.

In the wake of hurricane Sandy, I find myself grateful to still have my cute little putty-colored house on the hill. More now than ever before.
I am ever grateful to JManga and Nozomi/RighStuf for being two companies that are willing to invest in Yuri and act like our money counts for something – and to acknowledge that our enthusiasm counts for even more. This shift is so enormous after all these years of being basically ignored at best by fanboy-run companies who want our money, as long as we shut up. These two companies solicit our feedback and want to know what we want! I’m incredibly grateful to Robert, Yae, Alison, Shawn, and all the folks working at both companies for long talks over phone and Skype and lunch. ^_^ You all are amazing, truly and I appreciate all your hard work!
Thank you to all my friends and family everywhere – to my family of course,  to Sparkle, who came to NYCC and ended up keeping me company in the hospital, to Sean, to Serge, Donna, Kelli, to all my friends too numerous to list here, you all keep me laughing and glad to be alive.  I’m so lucky to know you all. ^_^
This year I want to make sure I say how grateful I am to all my friends living in Japan. I cannot express to you how much I enjoy your company. Simona, Tei-chan, Ana, Bill (sorry I missed you his time), Ransui-san, I had a blast this last trip because of you! And thank you to Bruce, our constant companion when we travel. You slay me and make every trip 300% better when you’re with us.
Very special thanks to Komatsu-san. I have no words to thank you for everything you have done to enrich my life. You are a very special person and I’m so glad we are friends. ^_^
As always, I want to express my appreciation for you, my Okazu readers. I say this all the time  – you are the best readers in the world. You help make Okazu more than just a blog, you make it a community.  Please keep up the good work – always being ready to tell me when something needs fixing, and helping to fix it. Thank you for writing for Okazu. Thank you for reading Okazu. Thank you.
This year, when middle age has kicked my ass thoroughly, I want to say that I am thankful for the relative health I enjoy. And I am very grateful for my day job, which provides me money and freedom to do many things, and wonderful people to work with and for.
Last, but never least, I am always, especially thankful for my wife. I could write reams of thanks for everything she does, but it would become tedious, so I’ll wrap up here and go give her a big kiss instead. ^_^
Feel free to add your thanks in the comments – it’s important and good to take a moment and appreciate what we have.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you today and every day. Thank you all.
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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wife! =) Thank you for another year of great blogging, and for being an all-around awesome person to know.

  2. @Katherine – Same to you!

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