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December 5th, 2012

Courtesy of 8broswithoutme on Twitter, owner of the blog GAR GAR Stegosaurus, we have a lovely list of all the bundles of Yuri RightStuf is offering for the holiday season. These deals range from good to amazing. This is a great chance to fill those holes in your collection on the cheap!

Aoi Hana/Sweet Blue Flowers – $23.99  (and if you pre-order, you get something cool)

Strawberry Panic Complete Series – $14.99

Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl –  $12.99

Blue Drop – $11.99

Simoun bundle – $12.99

Simoun thinpack (Endless Melody Collection) – $14.99

There are of course many other series available on TRSI’s website, but these deals are pretty sick,  and  these make great stocking stuffers for yourself, or a friend who is Yuri-curious. ^_^


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  1. Brian says:

    Thank you very much! I really appreciate these suggestions, and have used it to continue filling out my collection.

    I do have two quick suggestions though!

    1 — If there are reviews for any of these titles on your blog elsewhere, could you include a link? I need to know the loser fanboy rating before buying after all.

    2 — Do you have an affiliate code for this site?

    Thanks again!

  2. Kezar says:

    Not to forget that Marimite season 3,4 will be available in 2013 on Rightstuf :)

  3. @Brian – These series all have been reviewed here multiple times, so they have whole *categories* on the right-hand sidebar of the blog dedicated to them. Since I do reviews, disk by disk, I have no one review to point you to quite often. You’ll have to read through the multiple reviews in the category and make up your own mind.

    No, I don’t have an affiliate code at RightStuf. If I did, I’d have given you those links. This post was entirely so you folks would save money. ^_^

  4. David P says:

    Just want to point out that today they added a bundle for all four Marimite box sets to the sale, but sadly not the individual volumes.

    Also, although it’s not strictly Yuri, I think at least some people who read Okazu would be interested in the Aria DVD bundle also part of the sale, and in this case, individual volumes ARE on sale as well.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just noticed the pre-orders for Rose of Versailles box sets on Right Stuf!
    each set is 480 minutes according to the post.
    divide that by 30 minutes, that’s 16 episodes. 16 x 2 box sets is 32 episodes. Where are the other 8 episodes? isn’t Rose of Versailles 40 episodes long? I’m confused…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Simoun is amazing, I would love to hand out copies like a crazed evangelist! Even non-Yuri fans should jump on this, it’s one of the best anime I’ve seen that no one has heard of, and it needs more love!

  7. Brian says:

    Glad to hear it about Simoun — I’m looking forward to its arrival.

    Noir is also on sale, if anyone is interested. I’ve heard good things, but haven’t seen it.

  8. Candy says:

    I’ve had Aria ordered since a few weeks ago. The first season set is on order right now. Talked to a rightstuf rep and they said it SHOULD be in tuesday so I look forward to the massive marathon I’ll be having next week of Aria :3. I also bought Maria holic alive (since I own the first season set) and Utakata set. They have the first season blu ray/dvd set of Strike Witches ALSO on sale, A-channel, and Koihime Muso’s seasons. There is a bit more ‘Yurish’ series then the ones listed and reviewed but their not as ‘good’ I agree as the ones you do have listed for the sale.

    It’s kind of funny everything but Aoi Hana (which I preordered along with the two sets of Rose of Versailles) you listed I own TWO copies of. Some of them are because there was a sub set I bought and then they brought out a dub set so I rebought it. Simoun and Strawberry panic I bought the bundled singles after I bought the thin packs because I hate how the thin packs look. That was the main reason. Both the series I love so I had no problem throwing 12 more dollars at it to get the singles.

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