Very Belated 10th anniversary Contest Results

December 14th, 2012

Last August Okazu turned 10. I announced a contest to celebrate. And then life slapped me down with one of those “hand of god” moments and it just (!) occurred to me that I never announced the results of that contest! I sincerely apologize for the delay.

Here are the list of winners for that long ago (probably forgotten) contest. Please contact me at anilesbocon01 at hotmail dot com with the subject “Anniversary Contest” and your mailing address and age (so I can send age appropriate prizes.)
Brian Ruh
Rachel, aka Bunny
Bruce McF
Lynn A
George R
Katherine Hanson
Andreas Larsson
Alice Crook
Chris d.
Lynn A.

Ayana Mudou

Okay, yes – you all win. (If I missed anyone who write in, email me anyway…) I may or may not be able to do any of the things you suggested, but I loved your suggestions! 
Given how long it took me to announce winners, it’s a safe bet I’m gonna take for*ever* to get prizes out, but if you all bear with me…they will get out. ^_^;;
Thank you all again for reading Okazu and congrats!
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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Think you need to add the 01 in the email address for it to work~

  2. @Anon – D’oh. Thank you.

  3. Mara says:

    You are too damn nice for someone who was hit with a ‘HOG’ moment. Thank you very much and happy anniversary again.

  4. @Mara – Not at all. To some extent this contest was to clean out these darn piles of stuff laying around! And honestly, it’s always my pleasure to share Yuri with folks. ^_^

  5. Alice Crook says:

    To kind, But Sweet.
    Thanks for blog, allows me to keep up with new and recent Yuri updates.


  6. Takamina says:

    Wow! I was so excited surprised when I saw my name up there. Thank you very much, and I’ll send the email asap :)

  7. Ashrie says:

    Thank you very much, you are too kind :) Yours is one of my favourite blogs. And I always appreciate your perspective on stories I already know, and those I have yet to see. So Happy Anniversary, again :D

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