Eden no Higastotsuka Manga (エデンの東戸塚)

December 19th, 2012

I think it’s time we talked about “I don’t like her, until she’s not here.” This is a common plot complication in Yuri and it’s time we pointed out how dysfunctional it is.

Those of you currently in like with someone or have in the past liked someone a lot, what was the general feeling you had when you were with them? Was it annoyance, irritation, being utterly vexed by their every word and action? No, it was more likely to be “I love being with them, no matter what we do.”

If a person annoys the living hell out of you, how selfish and bizarre is it to suddenly be even more annoyed when they aren’t there? Basically, it’s treating that other person as if they are an accessory to your life.

In Eden no Higashitotsuka (エデンの東戸塚), Kiku, having managed to gain entrance to a good high school, is determined to study really hard and become an elite. So when perfect, rich and all-too-easygoing Hiyoshi-san turns out to be her next door neighbor and in her class, she’s vexed at the other girl’s intrusive overtures of friendship. Even though she resists, Kiku finds herself drawn into Hiyoshi-san’s plans, even joining her in the Manga Research Club.

Just as she’s settling into her life, a doujinshi event pops up, causing Kiku even more stress. It turns out, in sudden plot change, that Kiku is a doujinshi novel writer and feels the need to hide it from everyone. Although the Manga Club invites her to join them, she’s got a table of her own. At the event, Kiku finds herself in crisis when she’s discovered by Hiyoshi-san. Crisis quickly averted as Hiyoshi admits that she’s a huge fan.

Although Kiku still thinks she thinks Hiyoshi-san is annoying, when the other girl goes home, she finds herself at loose ends. Crisis averted when Hiyoshi-san retursn to the dorm. The volume ends, one desperately hopes, with Kiku dropping the pretense of disliking Hiyoshi-san.


Art – 7
Story – 7 with a pivot mid-stream
Characters – 6 As they are mostly one-note songs
Yuri – 2
Service – 2

Overall – 6

It’d be nice to see if anything actually develops between the two.

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