Sailor Moon Manga, Volume 8 (English)

December 25th, 2012

In Volume 8 of Sailor Moon, three things of importance happen and I don’t want to spoil any of them. Instead, let me randomly discuss the concept of “destruction”.

If you are reading this, the Mayan calendar clicked over to a new cycle and the world did not end. Some of you are celebrating the birth of what you consider to be the Messiah. Others are celebrating the shifting of a small cycle of time, in which the big glowing ball of hydrogen in the sky does not disappear completely, but actually comes back to warm the planet for a teeny bit longer than it did the day before in the Northern Hemisphere (or less than it did the day before, if you’re in the Southern.)

This planet, the chosen land as Sailor Saturn calls it, faces destruction every day. And yet – here we are. Still. Reading manga, enjoying the company of family and friends on the road or at home. Every day we face some kind of Pharaoh 90, some person or persons who want to take our lives or our way of life and change it to their idea of what it “should” be.

As we face the new ba’aktun, the new year, the winter, tomorrow, consider this – Sailor Moon and the Senshi are written as ordinary people, selfish and silly, just like us. And, just like us, they fight every single day to realize their dreams. As should we.

Krampuslauf is past, Pharaoh 90 has been defeated. It’s time to enjoy the light that comes from the dark – dark will come again soon enough.

Have a great day. ^_^

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