Yuri Network News – January 5, 2013

January 5th, 2013

First news report of the year! Always exciting. Let’s see what the Yuri Network has uncovered, shall we?

Other News

Totally random item from YNN Correspondent Mitsu_Manabe on Twitter, from the Japanese otaku culture show MAG Revolution, a screenshot of a list of Yuri Manga listed as “Yuri Manga.”

Interesting choices.

1) Lonely Wolf, Lonely Sheep by Mizutani Fuuka
2) Magarikado no Bokura – by Nakamura Asahimiko (which we know of thanks to Tomo K., but I haven’t seen the Yuri story yet.)
3) Hanjuku Joshi by Morishima Akiko
4) Yuri Danshi by Kurata Uso
5) GIRL FRIENDS by Morinaga Milk

I’m cool with all but one of those choices. Yuri Danshi?!?  With so much amazing Yuri coming out, leave it to otaku to focus on some utterly un-Yuri thing. Oh well, the rest are good. ^_^

Anyway – what do you think of this, Yuri Manga on a show in Japan? Cool? Yes or no? Tell me in the comments!

You know those moments when you see something and you think, “Wait, how did I not know about this?” I don’t have them too often, sitting as I am in the middle of the vast YNN Network…. No, I’m kidding. I have them all the time, because I’m only one person and I cannot read every piece of news on every blog and sometimes I leave the house (at which point, inevitably, a major announcement is made. ^_^;;)

Anyway, my point is, I just had that moment this week, when I learned that Colleen Coover (she of Small Favors fame) has a comic series with Paul Tobin called Bandette. Not Yuri, but an utterly delightful YA female masked thief gig. It’s available for less than $1/issue on Comixology. (Those of you already reading comics on your tablets will love the Comixology app. It’s smooth.) How did I miss this? I don’t know, but I’m on track now and thrilled to have a YA female-lead comic to recommend to anyone who asks, (and random strangers who don’t.)

Go! Read Bandette! We need more non-sucky young female comic leads and clearly DC and Marvel are not to be relied upon for this. Yay Monkeybrain Comics!

Okay, one last utterly random thing. Through my gracious and talented friend Komatsu-san, I have met the cheerful and talented Ransui-san of Fantastic Yuri Rhythm. The two of them were vendors at this past Winter Comiket (and they sold pretty well, I’m told. ^_^)

Well, in reading Ransui-san’s Comiket report, I see that she shared a table with SEINE, who did a lovely Yuri photography book. Red Zoo is SEINE’s website, with some of the pictures available as a slide show (Click “Photography Works” on the Homepage, then the cover of “Kimi no Te” (きみの手) to enjoy the photos.) I hope I’ll be able to get a copy of that book one day, the photos are great and a few of them made me smile before I even realized it. ^_^


Yuri Manga

Volume 3 of Hoshikawa Ginza Yon-Choume (星川銀座四丁目 ) hits shelves next month. Crisis after crisis. What will happen to our improbable couple? Read it and find out.

Ichigo Mashimaro Volume 7 (苺ましまろ)? Oh, right, that’s still ongoing. Huh.


Yuri Anime

ANN reports that character designs for the Bodacious Space Pirates movie have been revealed on the official movie site. I’m really looking forward to this. ^_^


That’s a wrap for this week!

Become a Yuri Network Correspondent by sending me any Yuri-related news you find. Emails go to anilesbocon01 at hotmail dot com. Not to the comments here, please, or they might be forgotten or missed. There’s a reason for this madness. This way I know you are a real human, not Anonymous (which I do not encourage – stand by your words with your name!) and I can send you a YNN correspondent’s badge.

Thanks to all of you – you make this a great Yuri Network!

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2 Responses

  1. Raph says:

    That ‘Susume Yuri’ image actually features Yuri recommended not by otaku in general but by the 18-year-old seiyuu Sakura Ayane/佐倉綾音, as you can see by the speech bubble in the top left-hand corner of this clearer screenshot: http://blog-imgs-53-origin.fc2.com/s/e/i/seiyuusokuhou/ep654944.jpg . Sakura is known as a keen Yuri fan, and she had starring roles in the anime Joshiraku, Yumekui Merry, and Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga iru!. She was also in Yuri Danshi‘s drama CD (and part of me cynically thinks this is the reason she recommended it, especially given that her other picks are much better).

    First time commenter here, but I’ve been reading for quite a while. Thank you for maintaining such a wonderful blog!

  2. Thanks for the comment Raph! And I agree with your cynical part. ^_^ It makes sense. I appreciate you letting me know who she is. (See, this is why I need a Yuri Network.) ^_^b

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