Yuri Photo Collection: Kimi no Te (きみの手)

February 4th, 2013

Last month, I had an super exciting new discovery I shared with you via the Yuri Network News Report:

Through my gracious and talented friend Komatsu-san, I have met the cheerful and talented Ransui-san of Fantastic Yuri Rhythm. The two of them were vendors at this past Winter Comiket (and they sold pretty well, I’m told. ^_^)

Well, in reading Ransui-san’s Comiket report, I see that she shared a table with SEINE, who did a lovely Yuri photography book. Red Zoo is SEINE’s website, with some of the pictures available as a slide show (Click “Photography Works” on the Homepage, then the cover of “Kimi no Te” (きみの手) to enjoy the photos.) I hope I’ll be able to get a copy of that book one day, the photos are great and a few of them made me smile before I even realized it. ^_^

In response to this, Komatsu-san once again dug into his bag of generosity, and sent me a copy of SEINE’s lovely Yuri Photo Collection, Kimi no Te  (きみの手).

And it is indeed lovely. The two models, Pettanko-san and Okayasu-san completely sell this photo essay of two girls in school falling for each other. Through shots of their hands and bodies, we are allowed to see the evolution of an incredibly sweet relationship.

The one thing that really made the collection work for me was that neither girl had model-pretty hands. Not that their hands were ugly or anything(!), just that they looked like actual human hands, not hand-model hands, if you know what I mean. Since the story is primarily told through those hands, their verisimilitude made a big difference.

This photo collection is available through Toranoana or Comic Zin, so if you can buy through either of those services, I highly recommend you get this book! It’s a ‘Story A’ Yuri photoessay. How cute is that?


Photography – 9
Story – 8
Yuri – 9

Overall – 9

Thanks to SEINE for being kind enough to allow me to have a copy of Kimi no Te and many many thanks to Komatsu-san for sending it to me! This book is a joy from beginning to end. I hope to see more someday soon.

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