Destro 246 Manga, Volume 1 (デストロ246)

February 12th, 2013

Destro 246 (デストロ246) is the newest manga by Takahashi Keitarou, the creator of Jormungand. Where I might summarize Jormungand as an action manga about a group of unrealistically cheerful arms dealers Destro 246 is more or less about a bunch of young female assassin/bodyguards and their underwear.

Let me slack off and re-quote Tomo K. who let us know about this series in the first place:

“The story starts out with a Japanese businessman buying two 17-year-old female professional killers from a South American mafia to avenge his murdered wife and children. In Tokyo, the two bump into Imari, the professional killer from Ordinary, Takahashi’s debut series.

The Yuri part involves Ichigo, a senior-high girl who’s inherited her father’s yakuza business. She has two female bodyguards, Manten and Renka (who’re her classmates as well). The three talk of having threesomes “as the usual thing”, and there are panels where Ichigo fondles one of the bodyguard’s huge boobs, and the bodyguards kiss Ichigo in public as well.

When Ichigo destroys a rival, she keeps the girlfriend of the gang leader alive, and orders her to be their sex slave until she grows up and inherits her father business (then she’ll be forced to hand money over to Ichigo’s organization).”

There’s a lot of fighting and the above female assassin/bodyguards beat the crap out of some guys but in Volume 1 at least, there’s only vague hints of a plot.

So, what is this manga about? I honestly have no idea. ^_^


Art – 6
Story – ?
Characters – 4 Kind of cookie-cutter at this point
Service – 7

Overall – 5

There’s no sense of “competence” here as there was in Jormungand, just magical hand-waves of skill. And awkward angles for upskirt shots because we just can never ever ever have enough of looking at underwear on indifferently drawn female bodies.

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  1. Mara says:

    That is a pity I was hoping for something with similar punch to Jormungand’s first volume.

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