Penguindrum Anime Collection 2, Disk 2 (English)

March 31st, 2013

pd2Realities converge, merge and resplit on the second disk of the second Penguindrum collection. Now that we know (symbolically, at least) what Yuri and Tabuki had in common and what their goal was, the arc climaxes in an actual climax and we think…what else is there? Well….

We’ve assumed one single truth from the beginning of the series. When everything around that truth is fracturing, shattering like glass, we have assumed that Himari, Shoma and Kanba are, at the very least siblings who love each other very much.

Here in the depths of the second half of the series we have been given a whole new set of symbols, a whole new mythology and our one basic truth is called into question. What does the Child Broiler mean, why are all the children in this series broken, abandoned? What does “family” even mean? And what if that one truth we had to hold on to…isn’t true at all?

We think we know what the Penguindrum is and what it does. Or do we? The mystery is electrifying.

Speaking of Sanetoshi-sensei’s verbal tic, I thought it might be fun to discuss the word “Sa.” ^_^”Sa” is not a word, it’s an expression, like “hmm” or “um”. It has no meaning itself, but is use to express ambiguity. “How you doin’ today?” “Sa….”  Sentai  is mostly translating it as “beats me” – which is not bad at all when the teen characters us it, especially Shoma and Kanba. When Sanetoshi, the embodiment of ambiguous, impenetrable adult, says “Sa…” it makes me laugh when they have him say “beats me.” Not that I think it’s wrong, I just think it’s funny. ^_^

As we make our way through this second half, we’re getting closer to the truth. Or, are we?


Art – 8
Story – 8
Characters -8
Yuri – 0
Service – 2

Overall – 8

Again, my thanks to Okazu Superhero Eric P. for sponsoring today’s review!

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  1. ArcaJ says:

    I remember when the soap bubble of the siblings’ reality started to pop. I also remember honestly crying when I realized what the Child Broiler represented (at least to me). Penguindrum confounds me, frustrates me and intrigues me.

    At times I hated watching it and at others I couldn’t look away. Yup. It’s an Ikuhara series, all right. ^_^


    Arca Jeth

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