Umesato the Third! Manga, Volume 2 (三代目は梅くくり!)

April 18th, 2013

If  you’re a fan of Girl’s Ride, hapless thieves or vaguely futuristic settings and happen to have an obsession with drawings of girl’s butts, Umesato the Third! Volume 2 (三時代目は梅くくり!) has something for you. In my review of Volume 1, I covered the basics of the setup: Kukkuri is an extraordinary schoolgirl, surrounded by sidekicks Hana and Niki-ne who aid and abet her in her hijinks as master thief, the third of her name.

Fans of Isomoto Tsuyoshi will appreciate the art and the carefree nature of the story. Like Sei and Nan, Kukkuri, Niki and Hana are not weighed down by life drama. You might also like the DIY steampunk/futurist technology, like the Tin Man-esque  Yuuji-san and the helmet that takes Hana’s brain over and causes her to attack Kukkuri.

The plot is classic “wacky thief is wacky,” complete with cops running along after them, like Lupin, St. Tail and so many thief series before it.

Yuri is, as it was in Volume 1, Kukkuri’s extreme physical snuggliness with Niki and Hana’s raging crush on Kukkuri. Like the rest of the story, it is playful, rather than deep. And it would be more than good enough for me, but the tortured anatomy just to allow ass/crotch shots sucks away the fun.


Art- 6
Story – 8
Characters – 7
Yuri- 4
Service – starts 4, but ends at like 8. …the fuck?

Overall – 6

I like the series, but the service destroyed my interest in reading Volume 3. And since clearly, as the thing went on, the editors insisted on more service, I think it’s just a good idea to stop here.

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