Yuri Network News: Hayate x Blade is Not Dead Yet

July 22nd, 2013

July has been a tough month for me, with the end of three of my fave series I’m reading. Ohana Holoholo and Aoi Hana, both wrapped up. I just got the July issue of Ultra Jump magazine this past weekend, which contains the official last chapter of Hayashiya Shizuru’s Hayate x Blade manga. In this issue, a major change in leadership takes place at Tenchi Academy, and the series comes to an end…sort of.

Sort of, but not really.

In the July issue there is an announcement of an epilogue chapter in the August issue of Ultra Jump. And,YNN Correspondent Jst wrote in to point out this ANN article on the August issue of Ultra Jump, in which it is announced that the September issue will contain the prologue to Hayate x Blade 2. (September will also see the release of Volume 18 of the series. I’ll get you a link asap.)

In fine Monty Python-esque fashion, Hayate x Blade is not dead yet. In fact, it’s feeling better than ever.

Here’s to another 18 volumes!

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  1. Kayden L. says:

    Hooray! I was saddened to hear that it was “ending” a few weeks ago on Okazu, but I’m glad to know that HxB will continue to live on :)

  2. Darin B says:

    Have you, by chance, read the last chapter of Aoi Hana? It’s probably one of my top 5-10, so I’m anxious/saddened it’s finally over.

  3. LilyEyes says:

    I wish they’d be able to continue these in the US. I bought the first two omnibus that goes up to volume 6, but that was quite a while ago.

  4. 70's German Opposition Leader Rolff Kantelbruch Had a Pet Canary Named "Turtle" (But Not Really) says:

    I was certainly puzzled that she seemed to be spending the entire final chapter setting up about three or four volumes’ worth of story, only to have the series immediately end. Now I know.

    Hayate x Blade is dead, long live Hayate x Blade.

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