Rakuen Le Paradis, Volume 12 (楽園 Le Paradis)

August 27th, 2013

Volume 12 of Rakuen Le Paradis (楽園 Le Paradis) gets off to an excruciatingly sweet start as Kazu and Kanata warm each other up on cold days with a comfy embrace in  Mizutani Fu-ka’s “14-sai no Koi.”

Nishi Uko’s “Collectors” was laugh-out-loud funny, as it plumbed the depths of Takako’s wardrobe during changing weather (she bought a new jacket when it went a little chily) and why Shinobu got a cold in the first place (she ran home through the rain to protect a book, because she didn’t have money left to buy an umbrella.)

Kurosaki Rendou’s “yue lao” is more of his signature sloppy sex Yuri.

And “Omoi no Kakera” reaches a climax in a stunning chapter, in which Mika faces her past and realizes that it’s not all about her. She looks at her old tutor, sees that she’s very happy with what is clearly a new lover and realizes that she does not want her to be unhappy. Mika leaves her past behind her and is able to reassure Mayu – and accept her relived hug. It was an awesome chapter. Mika is an incredible character. I really hope the story will continue to surprise and please me. There are certainly some surprises left – Mayu’s friend Saki is going to have to deal with her feelings for Mayu.

In “.925” a proposal is turned down during a night in a hotel.

I haven’t mentioned Otsuki Yuko’s “kanojotachi no saishuteri” before, but the sleazy manipulative teacher who seduces the creepy loser kid, is herself  seduced by an equally creepy sleazy female student.

And as adorable, warm and fuzzy as the opening story was, the end story, “Ivan Gaulier” is a horror-fest full of nightmarish things.

Another “interesting” volume of Rakuen Le Paradis. ^_^


Overall – It’s the best of manga, it’s the worst of manga.  Square root of 33.7

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  1. Chiakisama says:

    Rakuen is at the top of its game. It’s one of the few magazines I can read end to end without getting bored.

    The only thing I can never nail down is it’s release schedule. Is it quarterly or bi-monthly?

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