End of Hayate x Blade

September 6th, 2013

hxbend“And so, we all became idiots.”

With this title, the final chapter of Hayate x Blade begins.

The Black group has been defeated. Hitsugi announces that she’s restructuring the entire school.

Sword bearers will chose one of two dorms – Tenkuu or Daichi- to live in. The Daichi dorm will be overseen by Hajime, leader of the Black group. The Tenkuu dorm will be overseen by Kurea.(You may remember that in Volume 5 Kurea and Midori challenged Hitsugi and Shizuku and lost.  13 volumes later, Hitsugi is still punishing Kurea.)

We also learn that Ayana and Hayate have been awarded, at last, A Rank. But, we also learn that top ranks will be demoted, purely for Hitsugi’s amusement, no doubt. Not last, certainly not least, Hitsugi announces her retirement as school Chair so she can spend her last year as a regular student.

In the final chapter, as the students decide if they will align themselves with the Black group dorm or the Tenchi dorm, Hayate runs off to Tanpopo Orphange to give Chiharu the school lease. Hayate has achieved her goal – Tanpopo will never be in danger again. She then runs around Tenchi giving out cat-mascots to all the major players who were without them. 18 volumes, 2 publishers and 8 years later,   the series comes to an end. Oh, wait, no it doesn’t. Next issue will be an epilogue…

…and then a new series! Hayate x Blade 2!

Best news I’ve had all year.

Dear Hayashiya-sensei,

Please never stop writing this series. It is my favoritest thing ever.




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