My Little Pony ~ Friendship is Magic, Season 1, Disk 4 (English)

December 17th, 2013

mlpfim1And here I am, at the final disk of My Little Pony ~ Friendship is Magic, Season 1, where I watch episodes with commentary, laugh at in-jokes I don’t know, but can figure out and sit through a fabulous musical grand finale episode. But I can’t enjoy that episode, because the one before it is the most hackneyed, miserable plotline ever…the dreaded “surprise birthday party” plotline, which I loathe and despise. You know the one – “All my friends are avoiding me, so they don’t like me any more, oh wait I forgot it was my birthday and they were throwing a surprise party! Tee hee!” GRRRRRRR.

Yes, it makes perfect sense that they chose the “surprise birthday party” story for Pinkie Pie, but every time I read or watch that stoopid story, my teeth grit harder. The lesson of that dumb episode is not “you should trust your friends and not come up with paranoid fantasies.”

The true lesson of this story is this:  Surprise birthday parties are evil, terrible things, and people should not throw them.

My point was best summed up by Celestia when she, speaking of the Grand Galloping Gala, but more properly of all parties, ever, commented that it was always a terrible night. Yes, exactly.


Overall – 8

I have a longstanding agreement with friends and relatives that easiest way to get me to never speak to them again is to throw me a surprise party. ^_^

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