Yuri Manga: Yuri☆Koi Girls Love Story, Volume 1 (百合☆恋)

January 6th, 2014

I finished off the last year with the best, so it stands to reason that I’m starting off the new year with, if not the worst, then the “just not terribly good.” ^_^

OKS Comix is a anthology publisher that got traction back in the day doing series anthologies, and generally “adult” anthologies. They’ve got a series of Yuri☆Koi Girls Love Story (百合☆恋) anthologies of which this one is the first.

The first story, by Yamaguchi Serika, is fantastic – by my standards. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Kanae gets a call from her older sister that she’s coming to visit. When Mizuho arrives, she’s accompanied by another woman, Ena, whom Mizuho introduces as her girlfriend. As they prepare dinner and spend the evening talking, Kanae learns that Mizuho and Ena have been seeing each other for two years and have been living together for a year. Kanae is forced to realize that she knows nothing about her sister’s life. Ena and Mizuho are adorable together and it’s pretty obvious that they are also blissfully happy. Kanae starts to think about her boyfriend and how they were happy together, As the chapter ends, she is reaching for her phone. To Be Continued… and I’m tempted to get Volume 2 just to find out what happens, despite the fact that the quality of the book plummets after this story.

The rest of the book goes steadily downhill from uninteresting moe girls sort of liking one another to uninteresting moe girls having messy sex in bathroom. So something for everyone, I guess. (-_-)


Art – Averaging around 6
Stories – The first one is an 8, dropping down to 3 at worst
Characters – Variable
Yuri – Averaging around 8
Service – Starting at 3, topping off at 10

Overall – Without the first story, 5, with the first story, 7

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