Yuri Network News (百合ネットワークニュース) – February 15, 2014

February 15th, 2014


Greetings from the 7th circle of Hell. We have been frozen in place for what feels like an eternity and the despair is palpable up and down the street. Tokyo is likewise in a state of suspended animation (pun intended).  5 weeks until spring.

So, from the midst of despair and misery, I can’t think of a happier thing than Northwest Press’s winter sale! Get Lesbian comic The Legend of Bold Riley and many more exciting LGBTQ works! Support LGBTQ comics, get great stuff to read in a selection of formats until spring comes for 25% off. Go. Buy. Enjoy.

Yuru Yuri is getting a new animation project, which is good news for fans of the series.

AnimeSols previews some of the goods that backers of Dear Brother can look forward to!

Interestingly, after the upcoming release of of the S.H. Figuarts Sailor Venus figurine, the next figure they’ve teased is Sailor Saturn.  Since the art style has so significantly youthened since the days of the original anime, the vote for moe-bait goes to Sailor Saturn. ^_^

If you’ve been watching the Madoka Movies and were wondering when Rebellion is being released, YNN Correspondent Joel K. has the news for you: April 8, 2014 is the street date on the official website. He notes that, like the first two movies, it will be available on DVD and/or Blu-Ray and will be available through RightStuf as well as Amazon. I’ll add links when they become available.

Let’s end today on a positive note with Sarah and Catherine Satrun’s We are all Wonder Woman print. ^_^


That’s a wrap for this week! Become a Yuri Network Correspondent by sending me any Yuri-related news you find. Emails go to anilesbocon01 at hotmail dot com. Not to the comments here, please, or they might be forgotten or missed. There’s a reason for this madness. This way I know you are a real human, not Anonymous (which I do not encourage – stand by your words with your name!) and I can send you a YNN correspondent’s badge. Thanks to all of you – you make this a great Yuri Network!


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11 Responses

  1. Greg Carter says:

    On the Rebellion DVD/Blu-ray sets – RightStuf and AnimateUSA always battle it out with the extras included. Prices are similar in most places I’ve checked, but the goodies aren’t.

  2. Josh says:

    My sincerest apologies for being a book stickler, but it’s the 9th Circle of Hell where the ice dwells.

  3. Wilma says:

    Do you think this Sailor Saturn figure is just the first in a line of hints meaning the outer senshi WILL be present in July’s anime reboot? I’m definitely excited and think it’s likely.

    • I don’t think “hints” is really accurate. The goods have a number of Outer Senshi tie-ins, so I think it’s a fair bet they’ll be in it. How, who they will be, what they will be like…that we don’t know. However, if the anime follows the manga, Haruka and Michiru will still be a couple. How they will be portrayed is up in the air. Sexual and gender minorities are more common, even in anime, than 1994. So we’ll just have to wait and hope. ^_^

  4. Secret Fanboy says:

    Hey Erica,

    just finished watching Dear Brother thanks to you pointing it out. Great, melodramatic and touching anime which I did enjoy, but at times it was sooo Showa that I had to laugh a bit – men having lovers, shaming of women in service industry and so on and of course the fact that Yuri was mostly implied (albeit strongly) and everything ended in a lame hetero ending which was arguably quite anti-climactic at least in Nanako’s case. So I’m so happy that it’s in the past, not to take anything away from the anime of course, but it soothes me that now we have stuff like Aoi Hana which really gives us hope that maybe some day we’ll have a lot of clear-as-day Yuri :)

    Btw, any chance for me to write guest reviews some time for this blog? I just always feel like reviewing when I consume something. I’m writing anonymously now, but of course I will “show myself” if I get the chance, haha.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was very 70s, even in the 80s. ^_^ I’ve already reviewed Dear Brother a couple of times, so I’ll pass on the review offer for the stream, but I thank you very much. Are you getting the DVDs? If so, send me a writing sample to Yuricon at gmail and I’ll certainly consider it. ^_^ Or if you have another series you’d like to write about. Read my Guest Review Guidelines and go for it!

  5. Secret Fanboy says:


    thanks for the reply. Yeah, I wasn’t offering to review Dear Brother, but just asking a general question about the possibility, and that Guest Review Guideline has certainly helped. I’m a little low on ideas myself because I consume anime/manga only sporadically, but if you have any series waiting to be experienced and reviewed, I could easily be up to the task. Just mention about it to me and how to get it :) I guess you can see my email, so feel free to contact me. If you want to see a sample review on something random, I sure can write one. About the Oniisama DVD, I’m under the impression that it’s only licensed in the US so not much use for me because of the region codes. Says somebody from Europe.

    • Hi. I appreciate the offer. I’m not going to hunt you down, but if you read Okazu regularly, you’ll see me sometimes look for reviewers. Generally speaking we have lots of fols who offer, so it’s up to you to catch my attention, not the other way around. ^_^

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