Yuri Manga: Plastic Blue in GEN Monthly (English)

March 10th, 2014

PlasticI’ve mentioned GEN manga a few times in the past few years, but let’s start with a recap, shall we? GEN manga is a small independent manga that licenses doujinshi directly from artists for their GEN Monthly manga. The February issue of GEN Monthly includes a Yuri story, “Plastic Blue.”

The story is competently told by creator Aji-Ichi with an overall sense of sweetness, without any of the creepy faux “innocence,”  that is so popular now.

“Plastic Blue” is available with a GEN Monthly subscription and GEN has a few sample pages up for you to check out.

This is a not-too-stereotypical beginning for Yuri’s first appearance in GEN’s anthology – here’s hoping we’ll see more Yuri in GEN Monthly!


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  1. redfish says:

    Looks interesting, but the style appears to bear no resemblance to the Aji-ichi books I have (Dear My Teacher series etc). I wonder if this is an original or previously unpublished or if there are multiple Yuri circles called Aji-ichi.

    (Comments I post from home seem to disappear.)

    • On the comment issue…I apologize for that. I do go through the spam comments for real ones, but there’s a chance they get blocked.

      You’ll probably want to ask GEN directly. It’s possible this is a different group or person, but I don’ have the answer. ^_^

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