Kill La Kill Contest Answer!

April 1st, 2014

There was, as I said, only one right answer to “Who Was the Best Character?”

As amazing as Ragyo was – and she was the most fabulous villian of the last several years – and as excellent as Ryuuko and Satsuki were, there really can be only one best character.


The Banchou of Honnoji Gakuen…Manshoku Mako.

Those of you who voted Mako in the comments, please email me at yuricon at gmail dot com with your name, age and mailing address and I will send you a present in recognition of your wisdom. ^_^

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8 Responses

  1. Shannon says:

    Sent mail. Ket me know if it went through, my mail was having issues…

  2. Matt Warren says:

    Sent my mail address as well, though im sure it went through ^_^

  3. BruceMcF says:

    I! {stands with legs together, arms together straight over his head}
    Protest! {holding invisible protest sign}

    Well, I actually agree with the contest result, I just wanted to do some Mako-semaphore.

  4. Arkadi says:

    …Mako? Well, if you say so. ^^u

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