Yuri Anime: Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san (English)

June 3rd, 2014

InutoNekoInugami-san to Nekoyama-san by Kuzushiro-sensei is an entertaining, not very emotionally taxing manga series that runs in Comic Yuri Hime. I’ve reviewed the first two volumes of the manga here on Okazu: Volume 1 | Volume 2.

When the anime for Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san was announced, I had no compelling drive to run to see it, but since it is streaming on Crunchyroll (regional restrictions may apply), I had a chance to check it out while I was on the road this weekend – and I was pleasantly surprised. ^_^

The story,  such as it is, is the non-adventures of girls at a school who have animal names, and appear to have the temperamental characteristics of the animals they are named for. The leads are Inugami Yachiyo (a name which is mostly likely a pun on the famous faithful dog statue at Shibuya, Hachiko. 八千代 – Yachiyo ハチ公- Hachiko) and Nekoyama Suzu (whose given name implies to the small bells on a cat’s collar.) True to their names Inugami-san is dog-like, while Nekoyama-san is cat-like. Ushiwaka, (cow) Nezu, (mouse) Sarutobi (monkey) and Torikai (bird) have all joined the cast in the episodes so far.

The voice cast gives the characters a cuteness that I was not reading into their voices in the manga, a quality that lightens the mood and makes the anime more enjoyable than it might be. The gags in this series are low –  sexual innuendo, bad puns, and snort-ful cheap laughs, so I’m perfectly happy to have the tone lightened throughout. The one thing that really stands out in the first half of anime episodes is that Inugami-san and Nekoyama-san actually have an interest in one another. There’s a cheap laugh bit at the end of the 6th episode in which they find themselves clearly talking about themselves as a couple.

Episodes are 3 minutes long, and focus on some of the most suggestive scenes in the manga and you know, I’m not really going to bitch about that. ^_^ It’s being sold as “Yuri”, and the anime audience in Japan is a subtle as a brick to the forehead, so whatever works. As I said in the Kill La Kill ANNcast, it’s easier for me to deal with grossly overplayed service than coy pretend-innocent BS, of the kind one finds in Sakura Trick.


Art – 8 More consistent than the manga, sorry Kuzushiro-sensei
Story – 6 There isn’t one, but that’s okay
Character – 7 Whittled down to ther essence as they are here, I find I quite like them.
FanService – 6 Mostly lustful fantasies
Yuri – 7 Still mostly lustful fantasies, with the addition of the Inu/Neko and Ushi/Nezumi couples

Overall – 8

More entertaining than I expected and kind of cute in places; the anime captures Kuzushiro-sensei’s narrative style well.

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8 Responses

  1. Grisznak says:

    I’m really curious, how many Yuri animals we’ll see in next volumes. For now we have six: cat x dog, mouse x cow, monkey x hen.

    • Jye Nicolson says:

      Dragon x Tiger at the very least.

      I find this quite delightful at 3 minutes, not sure if I would any longer :). Shorts x 4 koma works, you get a faithful adaption that nonetheless fits as animation.

      It’s dumb as a box of hammers but doesn’t pretend otherwise, and doesn’t outstay its welcome.

      I like the end cards, though of course I’m really hanging out for one by Morishima Akiko, Amano Shuninta or Takemiya Jin. Fingers crossed!

    • There’s Tiger and another that I’m forgetting at the moment in the serialization so far. ^_^

  2. raibarub says:

    I’m really digging the series as well. One subtle thing I *really* enjoy is that a lot of the characters aren’t the usual baby-faced high schoolers. A lot of them are tall, not moe-faced, etc., and it makes it feel like they’re *actually* in high school. Probably most true for Aki. That also gives a lot more personality to the smaller members of the cast as well because of the contrast.

    Compared to barrfff, Sakura Trick…ugh…

    I didn’t understand Torikai’s personality though…is that a cultural thing with the ghost/bird combo?

  3. BruceMcF says:

    BTW, this is worldwide ex-Japan (free members on a one week delay, following Crunchyroll’s normal practice).

  4. I love Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san! Its animal girl gimmick is quite charming and my hope is that the anime will take a step further than the manga and have the established couples go out on a date and share a very gay kiss!

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